#554: LaLoofah


Ever had a nickname that you acquired accidentally that you didn’t care for?  Who hasn’t?

What about a loofah, have you ever heard of those? It’s a spongey thing that some people use to clean themselves in the shower.

On June 5 2014, the subject of loofahs came up during the Tedious Tiresome Trivia segment on The Craig Fee Show on 107.5 DaveRocks. Craig didn’t know what a “loofah mitt” was. Having seen one in my own shower (not my loofah I assure you), I tried to be helpful and sent him an email. I probably should have clarified that it wasn’t mine, because what did I get for my kind gesture? Mockery!

His response, which was live on air, was that I needed to renew my “Man Card”.

I let him know that the loofah mitt “is not mine, sillypants” (exact words). It was too late, the damage had been done. Thousands heard his mockery of my Man Card status. I made the mistake of speaking up, and Craig wasn’t about to let it go. On June 10 he re-ignited the loofah issue, again stating that I needed to get my Man Card updated. The nickname “LaLoofah” began to take off. If we hashtagged it, it would have been trending.  On June 25, DaveRocks listener Duncan dubbed me with his own modified version of the nickname: “Optimus LoofaBrain”.  That one’s not bad.

The LaLoofah nickname only died recently. That’s why I’m bringing it back. I hated the name but now miss the attention. Can’t stand my reviews or opinions? Then go ahead – call me “LaLoofah”, the derogatory nickname of choice for your friendly neighborhood LeBrain!


Optimus LoofaBrain


    1. Yeah…no. We’re buddies. I make fun of him for seeing Backstreet Boys in concert. He makes fun of our loofah. When it comes to things that actually matter we solidly have each other’s backs.

      Two weeks ago I was there with his son, protesting, to allow his son to have his service dog in school. I’ll be there in June to protest again. I’m supporting his wife in her run for local MPP. The mockery is nothing but fun that we like to joke about later, when we’ve created something funny for listeners and readers, and that’s what LaLoofah is all about.

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    1. I assume this was for me? Anyway, why would I write Because The Radio Hurts My Head in skywriting? Same reason I don’t have a TV, actually. Too much unnecessary noise to get to what I actually want to see/hear. It’s better when I am in control of the iPod.


      1. Next time I’ll just write a story about my friend “Greg” who works in “newspaper” and then we can just focus on the story and laugh because it’s funny.


    1. While I couldn’t agree more about actually listening to the radio ( I don’t care if Dave plays good tunes once in awhile. . I’m a deep tracks kinda guy ) . . The people behind the medium have been nothing but awesome to me . Craig Fee and Jeff Woods had no reason to help us out with our silly Sausagefest gathering .. but they not only did, but didn’t just mail it in either. My point is that you don’t have to be into listening to the radio, to see that there are good dudes and ducessies ( deep Wkrp reference there) within that setting. They are performers but that isn’t “them” . Craig Fee knows he plays a dick on the radio … But then is not a dick off the radio. Proven fact

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      1. I have inside knowledge that Dave Rocks is slowly adding more and more deeper tracks and getting heavier. If you are a long time listener such as myself, this is real good news.
        There is still a lot of control from corporate out west, but at least the local guys listen and do their best to keep us loyal fans coming back.
        I have listened to radio stations from many areas in my travels and a lot have one “dick” that keep people listening. Just look at how well it worked out for Howard Stern.

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        1. I assumed the same! Lol. I talked to him at the protest and he told me to keep it hush hush, he only told one other person. I immediately knew who it had to be!


        2. Not anymore.
          Corporate assholes stopped that.

          I was able to convince Telfer to play it when Craig was off. When Craig got back, Borelinda told him, and he was concerned Telfer would get in trouble.

          My issue is Corporate is scolding employees for doing what the listener wants!!!!

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        3. Oh so that’s what happened to Dio. That sucks because that was a popular feature. Everybody loved that. So you’re right. Corporate don’t know what listeners want. They send in consultants, but what they need to do is come into my office, and listen to the radio with me all day, and take fucking notes. That’s all they have to do.

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      2. Some of those radio folks have been really good to us. And me on a personal level. Darryl Law offered to drive Jen around when she fell on the bus and fractured her knee. He didn’t have to do that!

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        1. Holy shit. Yeah. He keeps saying “My ADHD is kicking in.” But I give Corus credit for hiring good people. I knew Jessie David before she was “famous”. She is a fantastic human being. Brad Moore is a very cool person too. I hope they do more of their “nooners” this summer, because I am saving days of to go to them.


      3. Further to this, I too am a deep tracks guy. But because I work a 9-5, I’ve grown to appreciate radio more. I mean, it also doesn’t suck that I get to hear Rush 4-5 times a day. Not deep tracks obviously. But it doesn’t suck to have that. I feel like Milton, in Office Space. I brought in my own radio. The office didn’t have a specific radio policy, but you can receive it on your desk phone. They kept changing stations. I can’t handle Chym FM anymore. Fuck that. So I brought in my own radio, and I feel like Milton. “I was told I was allowed to have my radio at a reasonable volume.”


  1. I never had a nickname growing up and always wanted one. It wasn’t until my stepdad got in the picture when he started calling me a nickname. K calls me by a nickname ahead of my real name. When he calls me by my real name, I know he’s upset with me.

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