R.I.P. Paul O’Neill 1956-2017

There was a time when Paul O’Neill (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Savatage’s “sixth member”) was my favourite lyricist, period.  He did, after all, write the most emotional rock opera I’ve ever experienced (Streets, by Savatage).  More people are familiar with TSO than Savatage, but for me, the impact that Paul’s music had on my soul via Savatage cannot be measured.

Rest in peace.



  1. I never wanted to know, never wanted to see
    “I wasted my time till time wasted me
    Never wanted to go, always wanted to stay
    ‘Cause the person I am, are the parts that I play
    So I plot and I plan, hope and I scheme
    To the lure of a night filled with unfinished dreams
    And I’m holding on tight to a world gone astray
    As they charge me for years I can’t pay.”

    Not sure if those were his lyrics, as Sav called back to them a few different times, but yeah…these records are pretty much part of my DNA. Have a good one, Paul. Thanks.

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  2. My wife and I saw TSO a number.of years ago. They were awesome live.
    One of the few “Chrisrmas” bands that I can listen to all year long.
    Savatage is awesome too.
    His amazing vocals, production work and musicianship will be missed dearly.
    Thanks for posting.
    I know I need more Savatage and the 3 cd comp is only $15 on Discogs. I think I’ll get one.


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      1. 2010 German box set with Edge Of Thorns, Dead Winter Dead and The Wake of Magellan. Remasteted and all 3 cd’s have 2 bonus tracks each.

        I just ordered it from Amazon. $19 new with shipping.


  3. Nice tribute Mike – I don’t tend to focus on lyrics all that much but when a truly gifted lyricist gets my attention (as I imagine Paul would, I’ll have to check out Streets), it makes a real difference

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