REVIEW: Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes – Live at Jones Beach (2017)

Gratitude to James Kalyn of the KMA for acquiring this treasure.

JIMMY PAGE & THE BLACK CROWES – Live at Jones Beach (2017 The Orchard Record Store Day EP)

Aficionados of Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes rejoice! It has been a long time since the fantastic concert collaboration, Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes Live at the Greek (2000).  That double CD delivered a surprisingly bang-on dose of legendary Zeppelin cuts and blues covers.  Here, it’s a seven piece band consisting of Page, Rich Robinson and Audley Freed in a lethal triple guitar lineup.  The band was completed by vocalist Chris Robinson, drummer Steve Gorman, bassist Greg Rzab and keyboard player Eddie Harsch.  Now you can hear three more tracks, from an additional concert at Jones Beach.

As expected, Pagey and the Crowes are whipped up into a blues jam rock frenzy loaded with atomic playing.  Off to Middle Earth with “Misty Mountain Hop”, a song easily conquered by Chris Robinson.  You may be surprised by how comfortably it fits the Crowes.  “Bring it on Home” seems more their style, and with Jimmy they turn it into a loud rocking assault.  The three guitarists are really able to bring to life “In the Light”, giving it the kind of depth it has in the studio.  Chris and Rich double the vocals to emulate the production on the Physical Grafitti original.

4.5/5 stars

This was a 200 word review in the tradition of the #200wordchallenge.




  1. I had the Live at the Greek album on CD a long time ago, but loaned it to a Zep nut and never got it back. Never did replace it, though. That’s my bad. I’m assuming there’s more of this gig out there. That would be most welcome.

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    1. Well, since Jimmy is all done with Zep reissues, I would suggest to him some more projects!

      1. The Firm reissues
      2. Solo album Outrider reissue
      3. Coverdale/Page deluxe edition

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        1. That’s a great review, Mike – actually really liked what I heard there (only the last track and the Plant take on Shake My Tree would play). I’ll be sure to check the album out, though.


        1. Oh man you hit upon a huge pet peeve of mine: people crying for a Zep reunion.

          It happened already. I bought the album and the blu ray and it was awesome. And Plant will never do it again. I wish people would be more realistic.


        2. I also want a Triumph reunion that will probably never happen either.
          Wanting a band that I have loved most of my life to get together and do a proper album or tour (not one or 2 shows in far off lands) may be a pipe dream but anything can happen.
          If Gunners, Van Halen can do what no one thought was possible, so can these bands.
          Also, Ritchie Blackmore(like Plant) has done his folky stuff for a long time, and now he is doing Rainbow shows. I never thought that would happen either. Maybe I was just being too realistic.

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        3. I really prefer no more Zeppelin. They did one very tight and we’ll rehearsed show. They didn’t have to worry about the rigours of touring or bad shows.

          I think Plant has been very wise to keep the legacy intact. He knows there is nothing any of them can do to live up to expectations so he refused to do it. I think that’s truly their best move. Maintain the mystery. So few bands do it. Plant deserves great praise for bucking trends and maintaining the legacy.

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        4. I agree with what you are saying.

          For me.even if they did a few surprise, one-off guest appearances at a Plant or Page solo show I would line up to buy a ticket on the off chance the remaining members would be on stage together. Even for a song or 2.
          Just to see it live would be good for me.

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  2. Bought this at the time of its release on CD. It’s a great set of tunes. Gorman slams the skins man. Page should have lynched him for a hard rock album.
    Nice score Mikey and Kudos to James!

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      1. Yeah I know. Personally I thought it was a bit dear for 3 songs. I know it’s collectible and will only get more rare (only 4000 of them, etc) and so on, but I just wasn’t in that frame of mind for that one. Still, good on ya for getting one! I’ll still drool! [drools]…

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