R.I.P. Chris Cornell 1964-2017

A moment of utter shock:  waking up on the morning of May 18 2017 to discover that Chris Cornell, the pipes behind Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog, has passed away at age 52.  One of the greatest (if not the greatest) set of lungs behind the grunge era is gone.

According to the BBC, Cornell played a concert with Soundgarden last night in Detroit.  His passing was “sudden and unexpected”.  The family is asking for privacy at this time.

What are your memories of Chris Cornell?  For us it’s the psychedelic and insane video for “Jesus Christ Pose”, a landmark of the grunge era and a showcase for his finest lead vocals.

R.I.P Chris Cornell.


  1. Crazy. I was never a huge Soundgarden fan but I did enjoy a couple of their singles, Spoonman comes to mind. Nonetheless, feels way too young.

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    1. SAD really sad news.
      I’m not a huge fan of soundgarden as well, but I definitely love (ed) his voice.
      I loved temple of the dog and I played live with a band Black hole sun and cochise on drums something like 2 years ago.
      When I heard the news, the 1st thing that came in my mind was the song Stolen Prayer he wrote with Alice Cooper on the 94 album the last temptation.
      I’m gonna play this song in his memory.

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  2. Confusing and sad.

    RIP one of the greatest of our era. Not just the best voice of the 90’s but period, a fucking monster voice and monster talent. Soundgarden one of this fan’s absolute favorites, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple, solo, the excellent King Animal…

    Loved and continue to love all of it. Thanks for all the music Chris, may you Rest In Peace :(

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  3. I think ‘Hunger Strike’ was my intro to Chris Cornell – it was a nice example of his amazing vocal versatility, the gentle 1st verse right through the ‘going hungry’ closing scream.

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  4. Just terrible news. Heart goes out to his family and friends.

    Soundgarden were always. as with most things music, a band that reminded me of youth… .of summer days in school…. the agony of self doubt and the euphoria of friendship. Those opening notes of Black Hole Sun take me back to that time. It washes my mind in memories and emotions. And for that reason alone, I will always be grateful to him and to the band for writing something that causes that kind of reaction in me. It moves me.

    Thanks Chris. See you somewhere down the road.

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  5. Still shocked. I can’t say I’m anywhere near the biggest fan, but he was behind some of my favourite musical moments.

    Superunknown will always be my favourite of Cornell’s albums. They created something special there.

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  6. Really sad news. Finding it really difficult to process. Will always remember his awesome voice while blasting Badmotorfinger on the stereo way too loud back in the day. R.I.P. Chris.

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