1. I should tell the story about how we all went over to British Phil’s house — the only friend we had with the internet — and ordered a bunch of music from CD Now. My choice was Deep Purple’s Stormbringer, about $30 for the original issue. We put the order on my credit card and waited for the parcel to arrive. Such a big deal at the time.

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        2. I didn’t start looking for mp3 stuff until way later, you were ahead of me there. Trevor was all about finding rare stuff by a guy called…shit what was his name? Totally forgot the name. Country/rock singer with a weird name.

          WEBB WILDER! That was it. Webb Wilder. Trevor eventually got all his stuff.

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  1. I’m glad the music was good enough for a 3/5, because that album art is terrible. The front cover seems to be him saying the soap has been dropped in the shower. And the back cover says I’m not picking it up, why don’t you pick it up.

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    1. I believe the imposter has since passed away. It was a weird afternoon, watching that show! I think I recorded the second part of it. At one point Peter Criss’ ex-wife called in and said, “It was obvious to anyone who knew him that it wasn’t Peter Criss!” Tom and Rosie took him in and didn’t know.

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  2. I remember liking this album a lot when it came out. I don’t like it as much today. I listened to it not so long ago and I found it quite bland – I actually like Out of Control better, but maybe that’s more because of nostalgia, I dunno.
    The double Kiss connection is cool and I hold Feel Like Heaven and Tears as the best songs on this album. Other than them, the songs goes from ok to mediocre even though there’s no bad songs on the album.

    The review is, as always, interesting and a fun read. It’s great that you pick up these albums, Mike. I didn’t know Let Me Rock You was released in Canada, I always thought it was a European only release.

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    1. You are 100% right Jon. It was only available on import. This CD was a US pressing because even when they did the reissues, they weren’t in Canada! Out of Control is way easier to find on LP, and I actually have it on LP.


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