Star Wars radio tonight! The original trilogy on Visions In Sound

I will be going LIVE at 12:30 AM (ET) Saturday morning with Robert Daniels on VISIONS IN SOUND. Tune in on your dial to 98.5 or internet to CKWR!  You folks in the UK can tune in as you enjoy some morning java!

Rob says:  “May is Star Wars month on Visions In Sound and we will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary with a slew of special shows. Joining me this week will be special guests Jason Drury, Michael Ladano & Erik Woods to help with the celebration. Featured music will be from the original Star Wars trilogy (John Williams). Join Us THIS Saturday 12:30-2:30am (ET)”


    1. Thanks! I certainly don’t blame anyone for sleeping instead! But rest assured — we will have fun. The last two shows were so fun for me. And next week, Rob says we’re doing the soundtrack to SPACE BALLS!!!

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      1. I got home at 1245am clicked it and it was the Star Wars them that was playing and it seemed like it went on for an eternity! hahaha…than i crashed out….
        Was up since 515 am Friday morning….
        Spaceballs…man I may have to stay up and listen to what is said about Barf!

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        1. Yes maybe I should have warned you, Rob plays music in 20-30 minute chunks and then we talk in 15 minute chunks. I don’t know if you heard the rock and roll version by MECO of the Force theme. Oh man. It was a single B-side. Really funky. Never released anywhere else. Bizarre stuff. I believe Bon Jovi was involved with MECO from his early days.

          This is the album, but Rob played a non-album B-side:


        2. I don’t know if you heard but Mel Brooks is still considering making Space Balls 2: The Search for More Money. Personally I don’t think he should now. No John Candy? No Space Balls.

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  1. 12:30 am? Haha Dude I’m old and tired and I’ll be passed out by then in anticipation of getting up early to take the kids to swimming lessons. Will this be available again, or in some other format after the fact?

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