REVIEW: Rich Robinson – Got to Get Better in a Little While (10″ EP)

RICH ROBINSON – Got to Get Better in a Little While (2016 Universal 10″ clear single for Record Store Day)

This really pretty record (a single or an EP, who cares?) was found on the Taranna 2016 expedition with Mr. Books.  It’s apparently a Record Store Day exclusive from April 2016, although I had no problem getting this one for $16.99 in October.  This my first purchase of anything by Rich without his brother Chris.  Knowing the Black Crowes, I was fairly certain it wouldn’t suck.  I was still surprise to see on the back, an ad for not one not two not three but FOUR Rich Robinson “Expanded Editions” on CD and LP!  Who knew?  Not this guy!

“Got to Get Better in a Little While” is a Derek and the Dominoes cover, apparently one that Crowes used to do regularly, as does Rich.  You have to hear this if you like bluesy rock that produces pure smoke from sheer musical chemistry.  Yes, Clapton is God and the original can’t be touched, but a real jackass could easily make this song sound like shit.  Rich does the opposite, and it sounds as part of his musical being.  There’s some deep bass that just cuts through, and this goes on for eight and a half minutes of jam session heaven.  Just bop along.

The second side has two Rich originals.  Greasy late night blues is on the menu.  “Look Through My Window” sets a scene of steamy Tennessee dusk.  Brilliant stuff for any fan of slippery slidey guitars.  Then an acoustic/electric tune called “Falling Away” closes on a first light of a quiet dawn.  Great tunes, both, making up a tidy little 16 minute EP.  Or single.  Whatever!

The vinyl itself is clear and thick.  The package doesn’t say anything about clear vinyl, but you almost expect clear or coloured when you buy these limited editions.  It looks lovely spinning with its green label.  Great little EP, reasonably priced for the collector and fan.

4/5 stars



  1. Wasn’t even aware of this, Mike. Looks pretty great and sounds great too (not surprising, I guess). I’ve only heard Paper and Through A Crooked Sun, which weren’t great (had their moments, but somewhat patchy). I’m really interested in The Magpie Salute. That’s gonna be great.

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  2. Never did get into singles or ep’s unless they are on cd. Too lazy to to just listen to the same song on repeat or turn the side just after one song or two…anyone else like this?

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    1. Great question. Yes I used to feel that way. The solution for me was to make compilation tapes of my single b sides. I had about 15 or 16 volumes and they were great fun to listen to.

      Now I just rip the b sides to my PC and add to the album track listing!


  3. Needledrops? Haven’t yet tried doing that, sounds way too complicated. Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten that in the tape/vinyl days I used to tape some of my singles too. Seems like another lifetime.


  4. I love singles and I play them a lot too, you just gotta give them your attention and not be tryign to do other stuff at the same time. They work for me and my antiquated ways.

    This is a lovely looking object.


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