VIDEO REVIEW: Rush playing cards

4.5/5 stars


  1. Watched this vid last night….
    Cool momento. That one card with Peart in his prison shirt as u call it is a great shot almost innocent like almost….
    Good job filming I can’t even take a decent pic let alone film/comment and post…


  2. I started to make a few videos. Mostly how to stuff with cassette decks and turntables. Some new albums I bought. Opening up and such, but hate my voice when I played them back.
    So no videos for me.
    I like yours though.

    I’m not sure if you’ve done one, but a video of some of the stuff from Sausagefest would be cool. As long as the dudes were ok with it, and I did not see any exposed sausage.


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    1. DO you mean like behind the scenes of Sausagefest? Please clarify…

      You could always put effects on your voice. I like this one channel called GIJobourgh and the one guy does a funny voice for their videos, like Destro.


  3. I was wondering why I didn’t see any of your posts when I was trying to get caught up yesterday Mike, I somehow must have inadvertently clicked unfollow.
    For a “LeBrainiac” like myself, that was unacceptable, and so I refollowed as soon as I realized!
    Neat idea for band merch – I’m trying to think of another artist I’d like to see that format.
    Bowie might be a good one, as he probably went through about 52 different looks!

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