#621: Bad Axes


Ever have extracurricular activities at work?  Do you enjoy them?

We had very, very little at the Record Store.  In 1995, the mall had a bowling tournament.  Different stores faced off against each other.  The Record Store had to take on the ladies from A Buck Or Two, a bargain shop.  We had a lot of fun, and I cannot recall who won, which means we probably lost.

We did have annual Christmas parties at the Record Store, and for a while we even had summer parties.  There was nothing else though that would have qualified as an extracurricular activity, unless you count endless staff meetings.  I know some places have team building events, like going to an “escape room”.  That sounds like fun, unless you don’t like your co-workers.

The best work event I had the pleasure to attend was Jan 31 2009, right after Jen and I married.  I received four passes to go see the Toronto Maple Leafs from a private box.  My boss and I went, and of course I had to bring Jen.  It was fantastic!  So much food:  nachos, chips, prime rib, chicken, sushi, ribs, wings, everything!  On top of this, it was Dougie Gilmour night, and they raised his number 93 to the rafters.  I didn’t even know who Doug Gilmour was.  But the Leafs beat the Penguins and Sidney Crosby.  Good thing; the rest of the season sucked!

Our work is doing a team building event this Friday, which unfortunately conflicts with Star Wars, but that’s life right?  We all voted, and for our event we are going axe throwing!  How metal is that?  Fortunately I do like all my co-workers, so I’m not worried about any errant axes headed my way.  The establishment is called Bad Axe Throwing.  By that I hope they mean I’ll be like a bad ass, not that I will be throwing axes badly.

Knowing my teammates, we’ll be laughing as much as throwing.  I’m looking forward to it, though the timing is shitty.  This will be the first Star Wars Saga* opening that I’ve missed since Return of the Jedi.  No big deal; it’s only a movie and I’ll see it soon enough.

Axe throwing is just so metal!  With that in mind, here are five awesome tracks involving axes.

1. KISS – “I Love it Loud”, because of Gene’s axe bass.

2. KICK AXE – “On the Road to Rock”, because they have axe in their name.

3. PINK FLOYD – “Careful With that Axe, Eugene”.  Not metal, but good advice.

4. HELIX – “Axe to Grind”, from my home town!

5. THE SWORD – “How Heavy this Axe”. Really fuckin’ heavy!


  1. Ok, that sounds like a blast. I would love to do that. Can’t wait to hear about that experience. Our office does a few events. Last year we went Curling and being in the South where it is warm (somewhat) and where no one knows what Curling is, it was quite an experience. It was really, really hard but a whole lot of fun. I don’t know how Axe throwing would go over, but I will bring it up at our next staff meeting.

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  2. Axe throwing!? Aw man, that’s something a wee bit different. Hope it’s a hoot. There’s not much variety to work shenanigans for me; extracurricular pretty much always means “get booze”.


  3. Kathryn had an axe throwing party and she said it was a blast. I see a few of these places popping up now. Have fun.
    To 2loud2oldmusic, I am a curler. I can’t imagine people who know nothing about curling getting out on the ice. I would imagine there were lots of falls.

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    1. Lots of falls, my butt is still sore! Plus my legs hurt the next day as you get in positions that you normally don’t ever do. It was hilarious especially to see the instructors get so irritated with our being so inept.


    1. Isn’t it though? I loved Kick Axe…they were one of the first buttons I ever had on my jacket. But look at them….oh boy! I love that they had the big muscular drummer. I always liked those kinds of bodybuilder drummers, like Bobby Rock.


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