#627: Pete and Repeat

GETTING MORE TALE #627: Pete and Repeat


When I get sick, I go all-in.  No half-measures.  Whatever the illness may be, I go deep.  The Great Flu 2017/2018 is no exception.  I may be back at work but I’m still a mess.

Ever since I was a kid, I used to get annoying songs repeating in my head when I was sick.  It still happens today, and I cannot do anything to get the annoying songs out of my head.  It prevents me from sleeping.  It drives out any other songs I may try to use to change the soundtrack in my brain.  I’ve tried everything.  Nothing haunts me worse than a bad song in the head when I’m sick.  Laying there in bed for sleepless hours, with one verse and one chorus on repeat, as my head pounds in agony.

This time, there was a slight twist on the “sick repeating song” experience.  I didn’t realize it in the fever of non-sleep, but my one repeating song was actually two songs this time.  Two annoying songs by the same band:  The Wild!

The Wild! are another one of those AC/DC-like party rock bands.  They have funny names like “Dylan Villain”, “Boozus”, “The Kid” and “Reese Lightning”.  Their song “Livin’ Free” has been on regular radio rotation and even several days after unplugging, it was still stuck in my head.  On repeat.  But there’s more.

Turns out there, my brain actually had two songs stuck in it, joined together into one.  My sleepy sick self couldn’t tell.  Only after hitting Youtube, trying to banish this melody from my brain, did I realize there were two songs in there.  The other song, also by The Wild!, was the soundalike track “Ready to Roll”.  So similar are they that they both got jammed together into one endless loop.

The Wild! might be right up your alley.  They’re AC/DC and ZZ Top and they call themselves the “God Damn Wild Boys”.  I have no real objections to the band, except that they’re trodding a path that has already been well explored over the last 45 years.  Maybe that’s your kind of thing.  Unfortunately I can’t be objective on The Wild! because I associate them with several days in bed suffering from the plague.

Surely I cannot be the only one who experiences annoying song repeats when sick in bed.  Am I?



  1. It never happened to me. Probably because when I was that bad, I had a tape player or an MP3 by my bedside and I wasn’t so ill that I couldn’t put the music I wanted to hear on. Listening to The Wild, yes, I get the ‘it’s all been done before’ vibe with them but it was still an enjoyable song as long as you don’t hear it too many times.

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  2. Bop made me buy their mini album a while ago. The videos are better than the music, but I still like ’em.

    I guess that the videos are just documentary footage of life in Canada, it’s how I see it anyway.

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