#640: Getting More Tale

GETTING MORE TALE #640: Getting More Tale

At the conclusion of Record Store Tales (Part 320) I remember thinking “That was fun but I could have written another 320 chapters about the shit that went down there.”

As the sequel series Getting More Tale evolved, I expanded and incorporated a lot of Record Store stories into it.  This allowed me to explore some backstory elements that I really should have included in the original Record Store Tales.  As time went on and I found my groove, Getting More Tale became a little bit less about music and retail, and a little bit more about me.  Thankfully you have hung on for the ride despite my indulgences.

Here we are at #640, the point at which Getting More Tale and Record Store Tales are of equal size.

It’s a potential crossroads.  Should I shut down Getting More Tale and that numbering system?  Music will remain the primary focus, but could the chapter numbers be a turn off to new readers?  Or do they entice people to go back?  Should I come up with a new name for this?  Getting More Tale became a catch-all for virtually anything I wrote that wasn’t a review.

I put it to you.  If you’ve been reading along, you know what I write.

Leave your comment below.

1. Should I shut down Getting More Tale & the numbering system and re-launch as something new?

2. No!  Keep everything the same and carry on.



  1. I’d say keep it going. I like the episodic nature of it and even though I haven’t read all 640 chapters you’re always good at linking me back to anything relevant I might have missed.

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  2. Well the numbering system personally allowed me to easily read all the tales in order when I decided to do so. It also gives a sense of scale and order.

    But this is too perfect a ratio to move on to mark 3 tales.

    Hmm. I’d say keep the numbering but I’m not too sure about a new series.

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        1. I remember turning 40 and Uncle Meat sent me a “tribute” he wanted me to post for my 40th birthday. That was my first year on WordPress. This year I’ll be 46. My god.


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