Sunday Chuckle: When Uncle Meat Leaves a Voicemail

Are you familiar with the song “Sweet Pain” by Kiss, off 1976’s legendary Destroyer album?  Uncle Meat is.  If you can’t remember how it goes, here’s a refresher:


Now, listen to Uncle Meat’s version, which I found on my voicemail last week:


My mother in law was in the room when I played this voicemail.

Hey, you gotta admit the guy can sing!



  1. Sounds like a mashup between KISS and The Georgia Satellites!
    I’m thinking this audio clip will be added to the 50th Anniversary super quadruple edition of Destroyer.
    Only available from CD Japan of course!

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      1. You know I wish i would have recorded the firs time I called Aaron….

        Frigg man that phone rang like 25 times and finally Aaron picks up and says hesitantly (as I have blocked display on the landline)…

        Aaron: Hello?
        Deke: May I please speak to Mr Books?

        After about 3 seconds….

        Aaron: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..


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