Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: Watch Your Step

Someone got creative with this sign!

Sunday Chuckle: Things Jen’s Mom Did to Make Me Smile

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a pest.  Sometimes when I’m out with Jen, I’ll sneakily reach over and tickle her while pretending I did nothing.  It drives her nuts, but it used to make her mom smile.  When I used to drive them around, Jen’s mom would sit in the back.  When I was stopped at a red light I’d sneak a tickle.  Jen would scold me and then her mom would say “Listen to Jen, Michael.”  Then I’d turn around and she’d wink at me and whisper “Do it again!”  So I would, and Jen wouldn’t believe me that her mom was encouraging me!

Jen’s mom was a special lady.  We only lost her two years ago, so I’m always happy to share those stories that make us smile.


Sunday Chuckle: Microwave Cuisine

The steel mill where I work has been there for decades.  As we clean it nooks and crannies preparing for closure, we keep unearthing the funniest stuff.  One that that work places have to do is replace microwave ovens every few years.  I guess they used to package coobooks specific to the microwave with them many years ago.  From underneath who-knows-what, we excavated the two books seen below.  (The more recent of the two below was dated 1994, the other had no date.  Can you guess by the graphic design which is the book from 1994?)

I find them hilarious.  Microwave specific recipes!  I either a) just reheat stuff or n) follow the instructions on the box!  Mmmmmm!  Look at that…roll of something?  Salmon?  Looks like salmon.  Mmm, microwaved salmon.



Sunday Chuckle: Say hello to T-Bone

Deke wins the lottery for making me laugh this week, with his surprise guest appearance by his buddy T-Bone on Friday’s live stream.

Going all out this time, Deke got a picture of T-Bone printed out at Walmart, taped it to a paper plate, taped that to a wooden spoon, and had “T-Bone” read his Favourite Concerts list on the show.

Thanks for making me laugh dude!

Sunday Chuckle: Schnauzer Cam

Good doggies! Music is “Contentions” by Dr. Kathryn Ladano, from Masked.

Sunday Chuckle: F’in bird!

Do you hate birds?  Dr. Sheldon Cooper isn’t a fan.  I saw this on the back of a delivery truck the other day, and couldn’t help but think that these icons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram spell out “f’in bird”!



Sunday Chuckle: Gone Fishin’

I’m not a fishing guy at all, but I have a lot of friends who enjoy it regularly.  I saw this sticker on the back of a car and I had to take a photo.  This one is for my fishing buddies!

Sunday Chuckle: The Stulk

My favourite single comic book growing up was Marvel Star Wars issue #47:  “Droid World”.  I have three copies today including the one I originally had back in 1981.  The post-Empire period is the one I remember most fondly, even though Han Solo was absent from the story, frozen in Jabba’s dungeon.  I took this issue everywhere with me.  It is tattered but still barely holding together.  At the lake or at home, I kept it near.  I tried to draw the robots inside, with the comic pages splashed open on the driveway.  Best friend friend Bob was with me with pen in hand.

I recently opened it again and came across a page that had to be Bob’s handiwork.  He was the destructive one, not me.  In ink he scrawled a word bubble on an ad page featuring the Hulk and a dollar bill with the face of Stan Lee.  Stan Lee + Hulk = Stulk?

Whatever the reason for this comic book graffiti, at least I have my two backup copies of “Droid World”.  I can’t remember him doing this but it had to be Bob!


Sunday Video: Max The Axe Weekend

Instead of a Sunday Chuckle, I give you something better: this video (which has a couple chuckles in it) and three Max the Axe songs: “River Grand”, “Overload” and “Gods on the Radio”.

The video above is just a summation of our awesome weekend. Look for a cameo by Superdekes from our Live Streamin’ Weekend. I hope you were able to stay cool in this heat as I was!  Sometimes people talk about the Top Ten Swims they’ve ever had in their lives.  I may have had two of the top ten this weekend.  You be the judge!

And thank you to John Snow of 2 Loud 2 Old Music for the birthday gift below.  I promise I will review it soon!

Also a special Happy Birthday to my Grandma Dolly who turns 96 today!

Sunday Chuckle: Skunked

I guess the guy across the road at the lake fancies himself a bit of a do-it-yourself-er.  He has all the accoutrements:  a pickup truck, some kind of four-wheeler ATV, and assorted doohickies.  This season there has been a skunk spotted running between his place to my sister’s.  Though the skunk hasn’t been bothering anyone, he decided it would be smart to try and catch this skunk.  Without assistance.

I came into this story when I was burning up my dad’s old rotten wood last week.  “Whew!” I said when I caught a strong whiff of skunk.  “It must be coming from the wood.”  It was so powerful, I assumed the skunk had its way with the woodpile and that’s what I was smelling.  I was wrong.  It was Tool Time With Tim across the street.  He might have caught the skunk, but in retaliation it unleashed its full fury and you could still smell it a week later.

Lesson here:  don’t be like Tool Time.  Call a professional, or just leave it the hell alone!