Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: Kiddie Chairs

This year’s Sausagefest was close to perfect.  I must be getting the hang on this camping stuff.  There was just one hiccup:  my chairs.

I wanted some new chairs this year.  My dad said to me, “Don’t buy chairs, I have two brand new ones you can have.  Just come over and get them.”  So that’s what I did, and we were off to the races.

After we arrived, unpacked and set up, I realized the problem.  My dad doesn’t read stuff when he buys it I guess, he just goes for the lowest prices.  That’s how I ended up with two kiddie chairs.  Large enough for a small child, and extremely painful for a fully grown adult.

See the picture below.  That’s my teensy weensy fucking chair that I had to sit in for two nights.  My ass is still recovering.

Thanks dad!



Sunday Chuckle: Hulk Rules

Spotted in Kitchener.  Who do you think this guy’s favourite wrestler is?

Bonus points:  note that he is also a “panties bandit”.  How many panties do you think this car got him?

Sunday Chuckle: A hairy situation

I’ve been known to do dumb things on a dare.  Here’s the most recent one.


Sunday Chuckle: Prime Mimer

Stole this from a friend’s Facebook!

Sunday Chuckle: Nice Pants, A**hat

My passenger snapped this photo at Eagle and Concession in Cambridge. Nice pants, asshat.

You can also check out the Facebook comments below.

Sunday Chuckle: Two Elvises (Elvii?)

What is the plural of Elvis?  Doesn’t matter.  Here are two for you:

  1. Bald Elvis (local guy)
  2. Fat Elvis (yours truly)

Sunday Chuckle: Rime of the Ancient Mariner

“This is a song about what not to do when a bird shits on ya!” — Bruce Dickinson


Last weekend, a bird shit on me.  It would have got me right on the head, except I happened to have my hands over my head at that exact moment.  I felt something wet on my fingers.  I looked and saw something gross!  I ran inside to wash.

I ran into the cottage warning, “A bird shit on me, clear a path!”

My dad’s response?

“How do you know?”

Gee dad, I dunno, how about the bird shit on the fucking fingers?!


Sunday Chuckle: “Sesame Street” by Joy in Blue

In Record Store Tales #733, I revealed the name I wished to use if I ever got good enough to have a band:  Joy in Blue.  This week, I discovered lost recordings of the very first incarnation of the band.  At least that is how I billed it on the cassette that I found.

There were three of us in my parents’ basement that day in ’92.  Tim Solie on ukulele.  A guy named Aaron (but not this Aaron or that Aaron) on electric guitar.  Me on acoustic guitar and lead vocals.  My biggest influences on this song are James Hetfield and Mike Patton, and I think you can hear that.

Please enjoy:

“(Can You Tell Me How to Get To) Sesame Street” (take two)
Written by Joe Raposo and performed by Mike, Tim & Aaron.

I was going to save it for my box set, but I’ll let you hear it for free.


Sunday Chuckle: Don’t Go on Vacation

The picture above demontrates what happened when someone I know went to Spain for two weeks!

Sunday Chuckle: Lord Stanley’s Blues

It’s an obscure but not unknown fact:  I kind of like the Boston Bruins.  I don’t do it just to be a contrarian; I genuinely like Zdeno Chara and enjoy the team.  I especially liked them when Rene Rancourt used to sing the national anthem.  When the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t playing, I’m “allowed” to cheer for whoever I want.  Obviously I was cheering for the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup.

The day after the Bruins lost to the St. Louis Blues, I found the paper below taped to mt computer screen at work.  Please note the misspelling of the word “your”.  Pointing this out to the gloating perpetrator, I sort of turned my loss into a small victory!