Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: At Least They Tried?

If you’re going to quote my work, at least give me credit.

If you’re going to give me credit, at least spell my name right.

At least they tried?

The State of the Sunday Chuckle

Hey folks!  I hope you are having a good weekend.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to retire the Sunday Chuckle by the end of the year, and I’ll replace it with something new.  2020 is the fourth year for the Sunday Chuckle, and it has been a good run.

One of the concepts I’m playing around with is the Sunday Screening.  Maybe once a week, I’ll recommend something for you to watch.  Does that sound cool?

Here’s what it would be like.

Sunday Screening: Led Zeppelin at Live Aid 1985

Still on the high of all these Led Zeppelin discussions of late, I wanted to check out the much maligned Zeppelin set at Live Aid in 1985 one more time.  The unrehearsed band got up and played “Rock and Roll”, “Whole Lotta Love” and “Stairway to Heaven” with two drummers — Phil Collins and Tony Thompson.  The performance has been panned by critics and band alike.  While it certainly wasn’t great, was it all that bad?  You be the judge.  I think Zeppelin sounded pretty rough on “Rock and Roll”, but got better from song to song.  And it certainly is a joy to hear the crowd go bananas when Robert sings “Does anybody remember laughter?”  You can see that same joy on Robert’s face when he witnesses it happen.

Verdict:  “Do your own research”

Sunday Chuckle: An Essential Zep Question

Tonight on 107.5 Dave Rocks, check out Jessie David’s show The Essentials, because this week she’s covering Led Zeppelin!  I spoke with her about Zeppelin for the show, and she asked me a question that makes me chuckle:  “Have you ever seen them live?”

I laughed and told her I’m not that old!  I was only 8 when the band broke up.

Her fellow radio personality Darryl Law was in line to get tickets at the Montreal Forum the day that John Bonham died.  How’s that for historic?  But I’m not as old as D-Law!

I thought this was worthy of a Sunday Chuckle, and a good opportunity to tell you about her show.  8:00 PM tonight, listen to Jessie David play some Zeppelin Essentials!


Sunday Chuckle: I think this duck used to be one of my customers at the Record Store

I just heard about this kids’ song that is popular in certain age groups. It’s catchy, but I can’t say that I like the lead character too much. He’s a duck that keeps pestering the clerk at a lemonade stand with the same question day after day and not buying anything. I swear to God I used to see him at the Record Store.

Sunday Scary!

I hope you had a great Halloween.  Did you have good fright?  If not, check out that picture.  I was leaving my office one day and this snow man was just…standing there…in a doorway.  Chilling!


Sunday Un-funny?

This Sunday Chuckle comes courtesy of one of my neighbours in this building.  I think he’s the annoying guy who lets his dog run loose in leashed areas, but I’m not sure.  You can be the judge if his joke is chuckle-worthy.

I was taking out my garbage last weekend, and I was wearing my mask because legally in Ontario, masks are mandatory inside common areas of condos.  I exited the building on my way to the dumpster and I passed by the neighbour guy.

The neighbour raised his hands in the air like he was being robbed, looked at me and said, “Take the keys, you can have the car!”

I looked back at him puzzled and said “I’m sorry?”

“Because you’re the Masked Man!” he said, pointing out my mask and hat.

OK then!

Schnauzer Report Cards

Spring 2011, I found myself dogsitting.  There were three Schnauzers:  Lacey, Ani, Ali.  I am glad that I kept a record of that day.  Oh, the memories (and my eardrums)!  One of the pooches was so ill-behaved that I went to the trouble of writing up a report card for when their human-mommies came home.  I stuck it to the fridge so the doggies could be judged by everyone.

Incidentally the artwork at top was by a young Dr. Kathryn Ladano long before she was a Dr.  It is titled “The Rad Schnauzer”.


This Sunday Chuckle is brought to you by Samuel L. Jackson

I just think it’s cool that I have two Samuel L. Jackson figures in the same scale from the same toy company and from two of my favourite franchises.

The two figures are Marvel Legends’ Nick Fury (from Captain Marvel) and Star Wars The Black Series Mace Windu (Episode II and III).  They use this new digital facial scanning technology to get the faces eerily accurate.  Which do you think looks most like Jackson himself?



Sunday Chuckle: Things You Don’t See Every Day

I’m amused by things you don’t see every day.  This week I saw something I’ve never seen before in all my days.

You may have heard of this thing called the “Keto diet”.  I won’t get into details (not necessary) but it’s basically a low-carb diet that burns fat and happens to also be good for epilepsy.  Someone at work just started the Ketogenic thing.  Someone ordered a bucket of KFC chicken and she was in the kitchen taking a picture of it.

Intrigued by anything to do with KFC, I was curious and asked what was up.  She showed me the bucket’s contents.  Nothing but a sorry mix of bones and chicken skin.  All the skin, in fact — the best part of the chicken!  (In fact some KFC locations used to sell just the skin as a snack item.)  “It’s the carbs in the breading,” she explained.  I got it immediately, though not without pity.

At the same time it was a memorable moment for me.  I’ve never seen a KFC bucket with all the skin left behind before in my life.  And that’s why I chuckle!

Sunday Chuckle: Elephant Farts

My dad has a few favourite jokes.  Here’s an old one he told me when I was a kid.

“What’s the difference between a place you go to drink, and an elephant’s fart?”

“One’s called a bar room, and the other goes BAR-ROOOOOM!”