Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: Sebastian Bach Has a Weird Laugh

This Sunday, a sneak preview of an upcoming episode of VHS Archives! Sebastian Bach of Skid Row sat down with Teresa Roncon on the Power 30 in 1992, and laughed real funny. I recorded it and 27 years later I made a clip of it. ENJOY!

Sunday Chuckle: Fart Zone

My wife bought me this sign.  It hangs in my work area at home.

It is not wrong.

Sunday Chuckle: A Tribute to LeBrain’s Dad

You’ve read the story, now you can hear the song!  Getting More Tale #488:  Almost Cut My Hair described a song that my dad likes to sing, called “Shittily Shittily La La La”.  Have a listen to my dad’s biggest hit.

Sunday Chuckle: A Shaft & Two Balls

This one comes from sometimes-contributor Thussy!

Do companies not pay people to look at what products look like before they release them?  I can just hear them all in the boardroom.  “See, you hold it by the shaft and rub the balls on your face.”



Sunday Chuckle: Twitter is on Crack

Welcome to the start of the THIRD YEAR of Sunday Chuckles!

This instalment is actually a sequel to the final Sunday Chuckle of 2018.  Remember when Twitter recommended that I follow Bill “Date Rape” Cosby?  Now look who it’s suggesting.  And no I’m not referring to T. Swift!


WHY TWITTER, WHY??  Are you on crack?

Sunday Chuckle: Zip Zop Zoobity Bop!

This one might not be funny to everybody, but what the hell.  Blame Twitter, not me.  Welcome to the last Sunday Chuckle of 2018.

I recently started using my Twitter again, mostly just to heckle various politicians than anything else.  As soon as you use social media, it starts bombarding you with other things to follow or buy.  This is sometimes helpful.  I like to follow various Star Trek cast members for example.  Twitter will then recommend that I follow more cast members that I may have missed, like Brent Spiner and Marina Sirtis.

Check out the “follow” recommendations below.  Jim Carrey, cool, I like him (and his painting).  Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, absolutely I’ll follow that.  But also…



GUEST SUNDAY CHUCKLE: “It is definitely going to snow”

Guest contributor Thussy returns with a Sunday Chuckle.  He was checking the 14 day weather forecast and noticed something peculiar.


“It is definitely going to snow overnight on the 29th.  That is an oddly specific number too.”

241% chance of snow?  We’re fucked!


Sunday Chuckle: ‘MURICA

December 7 was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and this came up on the calendar:

Sunday Chuckle: The stuff you find at Honest Ed’s

The photo below is an old one, from one of the Mike and Aaron Go to Toronto excursions.  Honest Ed’s (R.I.P.) was a huge place with lots of weird stuff.  Here’s one below.  Ever needed a “butt head” for your home?

Sunday Chuckle: Slick Willie

Cleaning out Jen’s mom’s basement has been an adventure. I found some cool LPs and CDs (still sealed!) that we’ll look at another time. For now, something amusing.

In the 1990s Jen was dating a guy who not only wished he was American, but also wished he was a Republican. Long before any orange-skinned presidents sullied the name of the Republican party, Jen and her then-boyfriend even attended the inauguration of George W. Bush.

We found “Bill Clinton’s presidential driver’s license” in the house (see below)! This must have been her boyfriend’s possession. Let us take you back to the nostalgic glow of the 1990s, when it seemed like the worst thing a president could do was deny having sexual relations with “that woman”!

As soon as I saw it, I said “I’m keeping this”!