Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: Frank Cannon

“You kinda remind me of Frank Cannon,” said the guy at work.

“Frank who?” I responded, and then googled the name. Frank Cannon was a Private Eye from a popular TV series, played by William Conrad.  I don’t think I look like Frank Cannon, but I think he was saying my girth reminded him of William Conrad’s.

Another guy at work did a photographic amalgamation.  Frank “LeBrain” Cannon can be seen below!



Sunday Chuckle: A Call from “Visa Mastercard”

Big thanks to Craig Fee over at 107.5 DaveRocks for this one!

During Craig’s live “Tedious Tiresome Trivia” segment on the Tuesday afternoon show (on which he takes live phone calls), he received a call from Ray at “Visa Mastercard”.  The entire thing went out on the air, live, just as you hear it below.  There’s nothing Craig loves more than messing with a solicitor calling into his show. Needless to say, things go wonky very quickly.

What I learned from “Visa Mastercard” on this call is that, apparently, your credit card number is not personal information.  It’s right there on the face of the card, so that makes it public…apparently.  “Anyone can see that or memorise that,” according to the “Visa Mastercard” rep (“not a third party!”) that unwittingly called a radio station.

Please enjoy!


Sunday Chuckle: Buck Schitz

The featured photo for this week’s Sunday Chuckle was sent to us by Boppin, who thought these “woods wipes” would be perfect for Sausagefest.  The funny this is that we actually have a Bucky at Sausagefest.

Bucky commented, “Copyright infringement right here. I sell my actual shit under the same branding. Don’t judge, we all got stuff on the side.”



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Sunday Chuckle: Mike the Jedi


I was at Subway the other day.  The girl in line ahead of me turned and said, “Has anyone told you that you look like Mike Hamill?”

“I’m sorry, who?” I responded.

“Luke Skywalker,” came the answer.

“Oh!  MARK Hamill!  And yes!”

It’s true.  I’m frequently told I look like old Luke…when I have my beard, that is.  Lightsaber is optional.


Sunday Chuckle: Dr. WHO?

Long time readers know that LeBrain’s dad is a unique and hilarious individual.  That’s why I have an entire category dedicated to “Shit LeBrain’s Dad Says“.   One of his quirks is refusing to call things or people by their proper names.  Therefore, “Lady Gaga” is “Lady Googoo” and he never called any pet we owned by their proper names.  Crystal = “Gozer”.  Ani = “Johnny”.

His latest name invention belongs to Jen’s surgeon, Dr. Sugimoto.  It came to me as no surprise when he asked, “So what does Dr. Quasimodo think of Jen’s recovery?”

Sorry, Dr. Sugimoto, that’s just the way my dad is!  It’s easier for him to remember names if he just makes them up.


Sunday Chuckle: Fartwaft

Readers here might recall the story of “Herbert” in Getting More Tale #544:  Canned Corn.  I was in his office the other day, and I have to admit, he got me.

We were having a discussion about a customer pickup, when he pointed to the bottom left corner of his computer screen.

“What’s that say?” he asked.

I leaned in to look at the clock in the corner.  “11:30 am” I responded.  And that’s when I noticed he was “wafting” a fart into my face with his hands.  11:30 am is the time I got wafted.

Sunday Chuckle: When Uncle Meat Leaves a Voicemail

Are you familiar with the song “Sweet Pain” by Kiss, off 1976’s legendary Destroyer album?  Uncle Meat is.  If you can’t remember how it goes, here’s a refresher:


Now, listen to Uncle Meat’s version, which I found on my voicemail last week:


My mother in law was in the room when I played this voicemail.

Hey, you gotta admit the guy can sing!


Sunday Chuckle: A Whopper of a Solution

If you have been keeping up with Cancer Chronicles, then you know that after surgery, passing gas can be a challenge.  Even tougher:  pooping!

Mrs. LeBrain’s successful surgery resulted in some unpleasant side effects, such as constipation.  But don’t worry.  She kept me posted every step of the way.

It was a joy when she sent me the text message below:

Thank you Burger King for you assistance in this matter.



Sunday Chuckle: Bingo!

I hate Bingo.  I went with Jen a couple times.  Didn’t win anything, didn’t enjoy the game.  This is how I spent my time last time I played (photo courtesy of Scott):


Sunday Chuckle: Downtown Train

It’s the first Sunday Chuckle of 2018!

Jen and I were picking up her mom at the downtown train station. I spotted this guy with a box strapped to his backpack. Pretty smart, I thought! An original and unique solution to travel.