Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: Funny Face

Michael Anthony from Van Halen used to make this one particular funny face.  I don’t know what it’s called and I don’t have my old magazines anymore.  However I can make the same face — one which Deke and Heavy Metal Overlord find funny too.

I sent the guys this video last weekend just for shits n’ giggle.



Sunday Chuckle: May the Nerd Toys be With You

Maybe some things are only funny to me.  My buddy Chris likes to tease me.  He calls my treasured action figure collection my “dolls”.

He went to Disney a little while ago, so I asked if he could pick me up an exclusive Star Wars set while he was there.  “Sure, I’ll look for your dolls” he said.  A few days later, I had an email from him titled “Nerd Toy”.  “I dropped your dolls off at work,” it read.  My dolls, my nerd toys!  And I love them.  He even put them in his carry-on bag so they wouldn’t get damaged.

Thanks buddy, it’s worth the teasing that I take!

This is one of three Disney Park exclusive sets, and it’s awesome!  Thank you Chris and Laurie for picking them up for your nerd friend.

Star Wars The Black Series First Order 4-Pack

  • Kylo Ren
  • Commander Pyre
  • Mountain Trooper
  • MSE Droid

Sunday Chuckle: Twitter is on Crack Again!

Remember when Twitter suggested that I follow Kevin Spacey and Taylor Swift?  Apparently, Twitter is still on crack.  Check out who they suggest I follow now.  This is what I get for keeping up with John “J.D.” Roberts of Pepsi Power Hour fame?!

Fuckoffabee, Twitter!


Sunday Chuckle: “Hitler’s House”

A Sunday Chuckle about Hitler? What the…?

Sure, why not?  This is an old game that goes back to the 40s.

In a previous video, I mentioned that my dad and his friends used to play a game during World War II, called “Hitler’s House”. You’d get a box, call it “Hitler’s House”, and set it on fire!  I decided to pay tribute to my dad and his stories by building the ultimate “Hitler’s House”.  It’s three storeys with two big bay windows and patios, a front garage, a rooftop swimming pool, and a crow’s nest complete with armed guard!  It burned pretty awesomely.  Join in our fun by watching the video below!


Sunday Chuckle: Thussy edition

My good buddy Thussy came to visit work a couple weeks ago, with his two beautiful daughters, Emily and Megatron (Megan).  The girls love to visit my office, probably because I have toys and fidget spinners to play with.  They were spending some time in there while Thuss was catching up with someone else.

“Why do you have a picture of my dad in your office?” asked Megan.

It’s true.  I do.  It’s a picture of him that I snapped one day when he was messing up my desk.

“Well,” I explained, “One day your daddy was in here messing with my things…”

“What was he doing to them?” she interrupted excitedly.

“Your daddy was throwing my pens and papers all over my desk, putting tape on my mouse, that sort of thing.  I caught him doing it, and took a picture of his guilty face so I could show it to your mommy and she’d know what he was up to.”

The girls laughed.  But why did I keep the picture?

“Well the truth is, I just miss having your dad around here and having that picture makes me smile.”

I think that’s the best reason to keep anything.  For the smiles.

Sunday Chuckle: Powered By…

UPDATE:  Finally got her on Dashcam!

I was following an SUV to work the other day. I couldn’t read what they had on the back window, but it was something large. A business ad, maybe? I waited til the next stop so I could read what it was. Curiosity, y’know?

It was written in huge – I’m talking gigantic – Disney princess font. And it said:

OK then!  I’m not sure how much that costs at the pumps.

Sunday Chuckle: Kiddie Chairs

This year’s Sausagefest was close to perfect.  I must be getting the hang on this camping stuff.  There was just one hiccup:  my chairs.

I wanted some new chairs this year.  My dad said to me, “Don’t buy chairs, I have two brand new ones you can have.  Just come over and get them.”  So that’s what I did, and we were off to the races.

After we arrived, unpacked and set up, I realized the problem.  My dad doesn’t read stuff when he buys it I guess, he just goes for the lowest prices.  That’s how I ended up with two kiddie chairs.  Large enough for a small child, and extremely painful for a fully grown adult.

See the picture below.  That’s my teensy weensy fucking chair that I had to sit in for two nights.  My ass is still recovering.

Thanks dad!


Sunday Chuckle: Hulk Rules

Spotted in Kitchener.  Who do you think this guy’s favourite wrestler is?

Bonus points:  note that he is also a “panties bandit”.  How many panties do you think this car got him?

Sunday Chuckle: A hairy situation

I’ve been known to do dumb things on a dare.  Here’s the most recent one.


Sunday Chuckle: Prime Mimer

Stole this from a friend’s Facebook!