Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: Yuuup! edition


Sunday Chuckle: Spicy!

I don’t like spicy food.  I’m a wuss.  Mrs LeBrain knows this and usually makes sure our meals cater to my wussy tastes.

This week in her haste, she bought M&M’s Louisiana style chicken wings.  In the small print it said “spicy”.  She didn’t notice, but “Louisiana” caught my eye and then I noticed the wings were spicy.

“Sweety, these are spicy wings,” I told her.

“They’re the kind we usually get,” she retorted.

I replied “Are you sure?  I don’t remember ever seeing Louisiana on the package before.”  She’s 1/4 Indian and likes things a lot spicier than I do.  But, she was fairly sure we’d bought these wings before and that I liked them.  So, stupidly, I cooked the whole box.

I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this.  I ate one wing.  Then I was running to the fridge, drinking milk straight from the carton, doing whatever I could to sooth the burning in my wussy mouth.  You know what works even better than milk?  Table cream.  I swallowed a mouth full.

So here we have comedy of errors.  Jen can be forgiven for thinking she bought the right wings, but I was a dunderhead for cooking them all!  Now she has to finish them!  Good thing she likes spicy.


Sunday Chuckle: Meat vs. Loaf


Sunday Chuckle: Clear Eyes II

A followup to Sunday Chuckle:  Clear Eyes

Took my early morning walk recently.  One of the roads we like also happens to be a hideout for teenage stoners.  I found a “Clear Eyes” dropper for those red stoner eyes last time.  This time, I think the stoners were rolling blunts!


Yah, mon.

Sunday Chuckle: Saddam Will Always Love You

Courtesy of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader calendar.

Sunday Chuckle: Oh, Nevermind!

Because “the innocence of babies” and “the pain of childbirth” are exactly what I think of when it comes to Nirvana’s music.

Sunday Chuckle?

I love a nice cool walk on a beautiful summer morning.  I always bring my camera, because sometimes you see some weird shit.

Sometimes you see nice nature stuff, like this snail.

Sometimes you see things that make you scratch your head.  I’m not sure if this is a Sunday Chuckle or a WTF?  What is a “Redneck Mafia”?  Isn’t that something of an oxymoron?  And a “NO-Club”?  What is that?

A few weeks later he was back, looking like he was trying to make two parking spots for the price of one.  Who is this guy?

Guess below in the comments.  Or don’t.  Whatever!

Sunday Chuckle: Game of Spoilers




Two weeks ago, I began watching Game of Thrones from the beginning for the first time.  Everyone at work is into it, so I finally took the plunge.  Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid spoilers.  I know there are dragons, White Walkers, and so on.  However I’ve remained gleefully spoiler free on most key happenings.  I am two seasons into the show, now midway through the third.

The other day at work, I was talking about how much I’m enjoying the show.  I mentioned some characters I didn’t like, such as Joffrey, Theon and “Kingslayer” Jaime Lannister, the greatest swordsman in the realm.

One friend asked, “Jaime Lannister, is that the one-handed guy?”

At once everybody responded, “Yes.”

Except me.

“He loses his HAND??” I howled.

Fuck!  Spoiled!

Sunday Chuckle: Geography

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Something doesn’t add up.

Dollarama fail level:  10/10!

Sunday Chuckle: Michael Jackson fans