Sunday Chuckle

Sunday Chuckle: That time Laura dedicated a Bieber song to me

March 27 2020Laura Geddes from 105.3 Virgin Radio asked for listeners to submit messages to our friends and family listening.  So I submitted a clip — little did I know Laura was going to dedicate a Justin Bieber song to me as well!  First time for everything.

Incidentally that’s the first time my voice has been on Virgin, now making it three local stations that have been LeBraaaained!

Thanks Laura!

No Sunday Chuckle

Sorry folks! We live in extraordinary times, and I have not had any Sunday Chuckles to share with you this week. Instead, to create a virtual social gathering spot, I have been live streaming on Facebook. On Friday night I went an hour and 20 minutes, and it was a blast! I was taking questions and they were coming fast and furious.  Participants included your Heavy Metal Overlord, radio host Robert Daniels, and Blaze Bayley expert, Mr. Harrison Kopp.




As this current crisis continues, I will be doing more live streaming. Feel free to join me.

Sunday Chuckle: I have ridden a horse and looked as stupid as you might imagine

August 6, 2006.  Photographic proof.  Mercifully, I was only on the horse for a short while.

Sunday Chuckle: Otters Like Coffee Too

A few weeks ago, Mrs. LeBrain was on her way home and she stopped at her regular Tim’s to get her evening coffee.   Unfortunately the OHL team the Erie Otters were in town, were thirsty, and arrived at Tim’s first.  Standing in line were about 30 big-kid coffee orders waiting to be made.

Unwilling to go home without her Tim’s, and already planning to take a cab the rest of the way, she came up with a plan to cut the line.

Within minutes her cab had arrived…and she was ordering her coffee in the drive-thru.  Meanwhile inside, Tim’s were were still taking orders from the Otters’ defence.

Pretty clever, I’d say!

Sunday Chuckle: Snoop-a-loop!


Sunday Chuckle: Weston’s Bread

Press play!


Sunday Chuckle: Euchre again

Today’s Sunday Chuckle comes from Garrett Thomson, bassist for Hello Hopeless.  Garrett is the master of “dad jokes”, and such humour.  One day he was asked if he would be joining us for our usual lunch time Euchre game.


“Hey Garrett, are you going to play Euchre with us today?”

“I don’t know if it’s in the cards.”



Sunday Chuckle: Eraserhead

Being sick is rarely funny, but in order to survive, one must be able to find the humour in such things.

I was sick last week.  I woke up one morning with some bed-head, tried to run a comb through it, and well, this is what I looked like!  Not quite a dead ringer for Jack Nance in Eraserhead, but close enough?


Sunday Chuckle: Mandalorian…WTF?

If you happen to find a 6″ Mandalorian Black Series action figure, snag it — those things are going for crazy money in resale.  As of this writing, is asking $80 for one (ridiculous).

I continued scrolling, looking for a better deal.  What I found was…chuckle-worthy.

Mandalorian Handjob by “Harlotte Sometimes” is available to read, but only on Kindle!

“Fapper Oden Zero sets off on his first Galactic adventure. From his home planet in the Gamma System, the young man sees opportunity; Coruscant and the Core Worlds promise riches for the quick and the clever when the Republic finally falls.  Oden signs on with a freighter. One last night of freedom tempts him. ‘Who is that innocent, sexy, seductive blonde?’ he asks. ‘Did she really just wink at me?'”

It turns out that Harlotte Sometimes is a prolific author with 16 titles under their belt.  These include Bachelor in Space and Hard For Hillary.

I’ve only dipped a toe into reading fan fiction, and never the naughty kind.  Maybe I’m missing out.  For those with a pantsuit fetish, I recommend Hard For Hillary.  If you’re more into tall, dark, and heavily armoured, maybe Mandalorian Handjob is for you!


Sunday Chuckle: Adventures in Customer Courtesy

I found this old VHS tape in the stockroom at work a long time ago, and forgot about it.  Fortunately, Facebook remembers!  You gotta admit, the cover is hilarious.