Deep Space Nine radio, tonight!


Do you like soundtracks?  Do you like Star Trek?  Well then!  I will be LIVE tonight at 12:30 AM (ET) Saturday morning with Robert Daniels on VISIONS IN SOUND. Tune in on your dial to 98.5 or internet to CKWR!  You folks in the UK can tune in as you enjoy some morning java!  Join Us THIS Saturday 12:30-2:30am (ET).

This Week On Visions In Sound – “The 25th Anniversary Of Star Trek – Deep Space Nine” – This week we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the third Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine. Also joining me this week is Treks-pert Bob Puersten and special guest Michael Ladano as we discuss this highly popular series. Featured music will be from series composers Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, John Debney, David Bell and Paul Baillargeon.



        1. Like many characters on the show, I think it took 2 or 3 seasons for Major Kira to develop. She became a favourite of mine around season 3.

          Nana Visitor was in Ted 2, by the way! So was Michael Dorn. It was like a DS9 reunion!

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  1. Loved DS9! One time my younger son saw Major Kira and asked, “Why is she doing this?” scrunching up his eyes. I found Quark very amusing, Armin Shimmerman is a very underrated actor.


    1. Yeah and admittedly this week kicked my ass a bit! I’m not a young whippersnapper anymore. If I can get in a good 3 hours sleep before the show I’m golden. This week I didn’t. Had a great afternoon nap yesterday to make up for it though!


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