1. FUCK NO…It looks like a cross between Jim ‘the Anvil”Neidhart and ZZ Ladano!
    Keep it man..grow that beast!
    Great video looks like one of those Rick Mercer video rants…..
    Train Kept A Rollin!

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    1. HAHA! The Anvil!

      Mitch is not happy with the way the vote is going by the way. But my mom and wife have yet to vote!

      And thank you for the compliment, Rick Mercer’s stuff is so well made.

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  2. Shave that damn thing off! It makes you look older. I think you should leave it on for sausagefest. Then Get that razor out as soon as you get home!

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  3. Heres the question about the beard, actually a couple of them.

    #1. Is it causing problems with your job, ie are the bosses commenting on it or asking you to cut it off or at least keep it neatly trimmed?

    b or whichever number were on. Does it itch or feel uncomfortable or getting in the way of things you enjoy doing around the mouth area (fill in the blanks as you wish its not my place to judge)?

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  4. Wow, was that temporary or did it stick around for a while

    Also, how do you out pictures in WordPress comments? I haven’t figured out how to do it yet


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