Hello Hopeless & Max the Axe — CD Release Parties

Locals!  We have two gigs/CD release parties to alert you to.

Both gigs are at the Boathouse in Kitchener, in Victoria Park.  It’s a fantastic, much-loved local venue right on the water. (57 Jubilee Drive, Kitchener, Ontario.)

2/3rds of Hello Hopeless

November 30HELLO HOPELESS CD release

Hello Hopeless are a great new punk band from the local scene.  They are releasing their second EP Dark Pasts, Brighter Futures and I promise you, it’s a gooder. I had the chance to sit down and interview the band recently, and that will be out soon.  I learned that they put a lot of time and effort into the mix to get it sounding just how they wanted.  And don’t let the punk tag fool you.  These guys aren’t afraid of guitar solos.  I look forward to sharing the video interview — you are going to like Hello Hopeless!  The EP will be released digitally on November 23 if you wanna spin it in advance.  Check yer Spotify!


Max the Axe

December 8MAX THE AXE CD release / with the Hellen Keller Band

“You Gotta” check out the new album by Max the Axe called Status Electric.  According to Max, it’s his “3rd LP and 6th record.”  Max has put everything into this one.  On lead vocals:  Uncle Meat.  If you follow this site regularly I guarantee that you will see some familiar faces at the Boathouse on December 8.  Various flavours of hard rock from old men — it fucking rips!  And you’ll hear it live at the Boathouse.

Won’t you join Max for some Status Electric?





        1. The flip side to that is that 8 or 10 other teams want.his services and will pay his salary.
          My guess is the Leafs deal him for a D man.

          I heard an NFL player speaking about Le’Veon Bell (he will hold out this entire NFL season. )
          The other player said when teams/owners/GM’s hold firm and don’t pay a player they are seen as great business men. When a player holds.out to get what is best for him and his family, he is seen as greedy. He says it should not.be a double standard but it is.
          I know I always looked at it that way.
          He’s greedy. Not a.team player. Why would he do that to the fans.
          That’s how I felt about Sundin. It still hurts all these years later.
          I took what the NFL said to heart and now I am more sympathetic to Nylander (and other players) than I ever was before.

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        2. Reilly may or may not be in the long term Leafs plan. It might depend what may happen with the Nylander trade, who they draft, who comes from minors, salary cap.etc.

          Matthews and Marner will be for sure.

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