VHS Archives #4: Pepsi Power Hour – classic 1987 intro

This sure does bring back memories.

Below is a MuchMusic bumper and the Pepsi Power Hour intro from 1987.  This intro heralded my favourite hour of television every week.  The best hours of my life.

Look for two cameos by Master T (Tony Young) before he was the host of Rap City.



  1. This is really cool! My dad has a bunch of VHS tapes of MTV music videos from the 80s, he showed me a bunch of them when I was a kid. That certainly planted the seed for my love classic rock/all things retro. MTV/VH1 isn’t the same anymore.


  2. Aw man, the memories! I totally remember that bumper with the tennis ball and Pepsi Power Hour intro! I don’t think I have any more of my taped MM videos!


  3. These videos have been quite something, Mike. A wee glimpse at what you guys grew up with! And the quality of the clips have been pretty great, too – that’s tapes kept in good condition!

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    1. I’m thrilled with the shape that tape is in! 32 years man, I never thought they would last that long. I had an uncle who used to store his tapes in the fridge to keep them in tip top shape…no kidding. I didn’t do that! I’ll be posting a little review of the video capture device too.

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        1. Just occurred to me. Movies you bought on VHS were mass produced, and I bet they were all recorded at high speed. Just like high speed dubbing a tape. Just a guess but I think that’s probably the case.

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        2. Well, it wasn’t funny at the time. Sat down with the lady friend and said that this was one of my favourite movies, as well as book (my favourite book, y’know). She was looking forward to it and, well, we stared a blank screen for a few minutes thinking “what’s happened here”. I even fast forwarded, checked the scart, nothing. Raging. Ended up watching something like Braveheart. Pure shite.

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