VHS Archives #49: KISS – Gene and Bruce interview mega-mix (May 1992)

Gene Simmons and Bruce Kulick of  visited MuchMusic in May of ’92 for an interview, and to host the Power 30.  There are some real moments of sincerity, such as when they are asked about Eric Carr.  However the clips you are about to watch are also notable for showing how the Power 30 was a drop in quality from the Power Hour.

Unlike previous MuchMusic visits, this one was broadcast in separate segments.  First is an interview by Teresa Roncon; the best part.  Then there is a Power 30 co-hosting gig, and a smattering of interview outtakes from the Kiss Spotlight.  All filmed the same day, but split apart since the Power 30 was too short.

I’ve recently given you two great Power Hour shows with guest hosts.  Rik Emmett from Triumph was a fabulous co-host and also played music in addition to a substantial interview.  Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. picked the tunes for his co-hosting gig, and the candid interview made it one of the best episodes of the entire run of the Power Hour.   Now, here is Kiss co-hosting the shorter Power 30, and there is very little substance.  A bad joke by Gene that went too far and got censored is the only particularly notable moment.  Well, that and Gene’s advice to “fat girls”.  Bruce Kulick seems far more engaged, but it’s jokey and short compared to what the Power Hour used to do.

Stuff to look for:

  • Cool live footage from the Phoenix club in Toronto
  • Gene’s Canadian jokes, which Bruce eventually apologises for
  • Talking about the club tour and playing obscure songs
  • A brief clip from the famed Creatures-era limo interview with Jeanne Bekker
  • Another brief clip from a 1992 Peter Criss interview

I remember when the Kiss spotlight aired, my mom really liked when Gene compared Kiss to “electric church”.  Yeah, my mom loved that….


This one required a bit of editing to make it cohesive; I hope you enjoy.


  1. Up the wazoo pal you were wrong! haha
    Good job Mikey splicing and dicing..Kulick comes across as a decent chill guy and Simmons is well Simmons…
    This was a cool throwback..

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes about then or earlier. Kind of funny that it’s all TV shows now and no music. And not original TV shows…like remember how they used to have Test Pattern? An original show!

          I think when they started broadcasting stuff like The Monkees, the door opened just a crack to what it is today. Just shows.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I remember telling my mom about this crazy game show with “a host that looks like John Candy but long hair.” My sister and I always wanted to be on that show! We watched it daily. She remembers “Tommy Gunn” to this day. One of the contestants. Funny thing about Tommy Gunn, was he played in a highschool band that played at our school, AND he’s in one of my yearbooks.

          Fucking Tommy Gunn. What happened to Tommy Gunn? He made it as far as MEAT Magazine coverage, but I can’t remember from what band.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Tommy Gun with Girls With Guns..
          Man I still remember the clip of Gallagher going to LA to interview Aerosmith/Skid Row and the first thing out of Bachs mouth is
          “Your that Game Show Host”
          Lars and Kirk were interviewed at that aero show as well and they were polluted…

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        4. Sigh. I was at the cottage. My buddy Peter was there. We were at the beach. My sister saw us from behind and said, “Holy shit does Peter have a girlfriend?” Then I turned around and she saw it was me :(

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