#742: Returning the Rock

GETTING MORE TALE #742: Returning the Rock

There’s a recurring theme in fiction that I like a lot. It’s the idea that you have to return an object back to its origin point.  The One Ring had to be returned to the fires of Mordor where it was made.  Or the recovery of Luke’s lightsaber and its journey back to Skywalker.  Roger’s golden turd returning to his anus in order to destroy it.

Countless years ago, Iron Tom Sharpe gave me a tremendous gift.  You’ve seen it here before; the giant Iron Maiden “Holy Smoke” poster signed by all five members.  It was mounted and hung here in LeBrain HQ for over a decade.  Tom just didn’t have room for it anymore.  He gave me a bunch of his posters, but that was the crown jewel.

Now the times have changed and I’m the one who doesn’t have room.  This week, I removed at least 20 full bags of possessions from my place and we’re still going strong with lots to go.  Tom sent me a message.  “What’s with losing your possessions, are you going Buddhist?”  Hah!  No man, it’s just physics.  You can only store so much stuff in a condo.  “Do you still have that old Maiden poster?” he asked.  I thought about it, and then it hit me.  I knew what I had to do.

I had to return the Maiden poster to its originator.  Tom picked it up, and it is back where it should be.  I like to think of it as I was storing it for him the last 15 years.  I like the poetry of that.

Well, I’d better get back at it.  This place isn’t going to clean itself!


  1. Also, good on ya for cleaning up. I’ve been doing that here for months. I have to ask you: have you been reading Marie Kondo in order to save your condo? ;) Of course, any music you are ditching is welcome at the AAAA, loving home to many Ladano albums already!

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    1. Marie Kondo was actually the trigger for this. And it’s not been easy. At all. The last few days, I’ve been with friends talking about movies. And I keep saying, “Ah, I had that one. I donated it to Goodwill.” Also I’ve been taking heat from some friends over taking them to Goodwill. However Goodwill are right down the street from me, less than 5 minutes, and I don’t even have to get out of my car. With the amount of work this is, I need to minimise my own. It’s only added to the stress having people gripe about Goodwill.


      1. Well that’s easy – this is your stuff, not theirs. You can do with it as you see fit! It’s probably just that you’re such a collector that folks have a hard time imagining you getting rid of anything. That’s on them not you. I say good on you for letting go of the things you don’t truly want/need. It makes more room for the stuff you do! :)

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        1. In this case it was more questioning the ethics of GoodWill. To me that matters less than getting the job done. They’re right down the street AND there is a Tims between us. So that works for Jen, and the distance works for me! Simple right?


      2. I hadn’t realized Good Will’s ethics were questionable? Ah well. You know, VV pays the kidney foundation by weight for all donations received, so if it’s a matter of supporting a good cause, they’re cool too. Likely not as close to your house, though I think there’s one on Ottawa at King or Weber? Anyway. If those people griping weren’t helping, they’re extraneous to the process. Get a Timmies and go go go!

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        1. I am not sure what the issue with Goodwill was! I did say, a few times “If you have a better place to take my stuff, be at my place by 5 with a vehicle.” I was then told “never mind”. Ah well. I’ll tell you that Goodwill has a VERY good selection of DVD stock right now!


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