VHS Archives #56: Ace Frehley on the “Just 4 Fun” tour (1993)

“You read interviews, and Gene’s giving me digs, and I’m giving him digs, and stuff like that…one day it’ll just be Kiss in makeup again.” — Ace Frehley

I don’t know about you, but I remember being disappointed to hear that Ace Frehley was touring, but without any new music behind him.  The quote about a Kiss reunion proved to be rather prophetic.  No wonder Ace was laughing!  Check out this Ace interview with Teresa Roncon on MuchMusic. The news anchor was Lance Chilton.


  1. I just listened to Hotter Than Hell last night. Spectacular revisiting it. In my opinion they were never better than on those first three albums. Ace is on fire on Parasite and She. Killer solos. Peter Criss wasn’t concerned with hard rock drumming on these three and played his best stuff with jazzy ghost notes, imaginative fills, and swinging flair in songs like Parasite, She, and 100,000 Years. Also the songwriting hadn’t become too cheesy yet. We got really cool darker songs like Black Diamond and trippy metal sludge like Strange Ways, and even acoustic dynamics with the Rock Bottom intro. Something was lost on Destroyer when they went ornate and then on everything after when they went back to basics. Don’t get me wrong, I love all ’70s Kiss albums, but they were truly phenomenal on the first three before they were popular and before the sales gimmick had been established.

    That being said, this video is probably the peak of anything Kiss related.


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