VHS Archives #60: Motley Crue’s first appearance with John Corabi (1993)

The 1993 American Music Awards – Favourite Country Single.  Just the place for Motley Crue to introduce their brand new singer John Corabi, right?  Am I right?

Billy Ray Cyrus was the winner for “Achy Breaky Heart”.

Poor John, what a debut.


  1. The poor lad was fucked from the start, wasn’t he?

    I did chuckle to see that his role in the movie of The Dirt was boiled down to him wandering round looking lost for about 30 seconds before being forgotten about altogether.


      1. No plans on watching it right now. I hate biopics. I could only make it part way through the Stephen Hawking one. Still haven’t touched Queen. I just really hate that whole genre.


        1. I do know what you mean as I do end up hating a lot of movies of that genre. I still can’t resist watching them to see how highly they rate on the “Hysteria – Def Leppard Story” from a while back. That’s one of the shittest rock biopics and the benchmark for comparison (in pre-BoRhap times). Then again, the Leppard movie was so poor that it’s funny…

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