VHS Archives #68: Geoff Tate of Queensryche (1986)

JD Roberts of MuchMusic’s Pepsi Power Hour talked to Geoff Tate (and a silent Chris DeGarmo) about Queensryche in 1986.  That means you get the rock-solid Rage for Order haircuts.  Not only that… but Geoff actually comments on the hair!



  1. Tate was the best of the best. So much range and control, and he killed it live. Too bad he turned out to be a bit of a Potty Pants to his bandmates. I don’t know, he usually seems pretty calm in interviews and fan interactions, maybe he was just having a rough go at it a few years back.

    Mike, I have to know. Do you have any clips of Nitro on your VHS tapes? You gave Vinnie Vincent Invasion 1/5, so I can only imagine what you must think of O.F.R. I look at Nitro for humor. A band with seemingly no self control and two gimmicks (chipmunk vocals and 29 fret four neck sweep-picking madness) that takes themselves way too seriously. What’s not to love? Besides the music, I guess.


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