VHS Archives #69: Friday Night on the CBC (1993)

Kids in the Hall, Ralph Benmergui, and Larry Sanders. We had exciting Friday nights in Canada, did we not?


  1. I don’t remember Ralph Benmergui – but I recall Larry & certainly have fond memories of the Kids!
    THought of you the other day Mike, we started our 7th of 9 math units in the semester. Naturally I started the lesson with a trivia question, showing a photo of Jeri Ryan in her Star Trek attire.
    THe good news? They were comfortable with the new linear relations unit
    The bad news? they didn’t know their Voyager trivia!

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    1. No memory of Ralph Benmergui? He was Mike Bullard before there was a Mike Bullard. His house band were The Look People, just insanely funky and weird music from them. Terribly bland show though.

      Cool about 7 of 9. I’m not surprised though. Voyager isn’t their generation today. Today they’d know who Kirk and Spock are thanks to the reboots though.

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