VHS Archives #70: Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray and Janick Gers live interview (1992)

I’ll let the video do the talking.  It’s a big one:  Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray and Janick Gers went live with Teresa Roncon to divulge the details of the new album, Fear of the Dark.  Live calls are answered, new artwork is discussed, and Bruce’s new son is named!


  1. Is Dave Murray speaking English? I can make out most everything Janick says, but only about 2/3s of what Dave says.

    I love that leg kick Janick does right before they play the first video. It’s like he can barely resist the temptation to dance around doing his ridiculous stage moves even in everyday life. I really hope that when Janick goes to the supermarket, he’s skipping down the aisle pushing his cart while kicking his legs back in rhythn to the music playing at the store, and pretending to play guitar on a giant stick of meat, smacking it on the ground and being escorted out by security.

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    1. LOL! I find that in the US, you guys subtitle English accents sometimes. We get a good laugh about that up here. Dave has a slight speech impediment. His R’s sound like W’s.


      1. I usually don’t have to use subtitles unless it’s someone like Ozzy. How do you Canadians understand them better than us? Your accents are closer to ours than theirs. At least your accents are closer to the Midwest, especially the Northern Midwest. I’m from the Southern Midwest, so I don’t have a very strong accent one way or the other.

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