REVIEW: Quiet Riot – Cum On Feel the Noize (1989 CBS cassette)

QUIET RIOT – Cum On Feel the Noize (1989 CBS cassette)

From the same line as the previously reviewed Trouble Shooters by Judas Priest, here’s a tape-only Quiet Riot compilation.  Like the Priest tape, Cum On Feel the Noize has nothing more recent than five years.  For Quiet Riot, that unfortunately means you’re only hearing songs from two albums!  (Nothing from the first two which were only released in Japan.)

The title track (and Slade cover) “Cum On Feel the Noize” goes first, muddy tape hiss and all:  this cassette has seen better days!  It’s an edited version (roughly 3:10), so perhaps something you don’t have in your collection.  The speedy album track “Run For Cover” then delivers the scalding hot metal.  Two more big hit singles follow:  “Mama Weer All Crazee Now (another Slade cover) and “Metal Health” (sometimes subtitled “Bang Your Head” in case you didn’t know the name).  These two hits will keep the party flowing, and that’s it for side one.

Proving they had more than just a passing interest in mental health, “Let’s Go Crazy” kicks off side two with a bang.  Frankie Banali is the man — his drums really sell this one.  “(We Were) Born to Rock” is another solid number, all rock no schlock.  “Slick Black Cadillac” is a shrewd inclusion.  Gotta have a car song for the road.  Then “Party All Night” finishes it off with a pretty clear message.

As a party tape, Cum On Feel the Noize would have done the trick.  You should probably just own Metal Health and Conditional Critical instead, but this is a fun tape and would have been enough Quiet Riot for most folks.

3/5 stars


  1. Never knew this existed but than again I really didn’t pay attention to tapes unless if Tbone or my brother bought em…
    But yeah for a fan who didn’t want the full albums and jsut the singles this was a smart move but by 89 no one cared about QR…
    Cool blast from the past Mikey!

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  2. I remember these kind of tapes popping out, but I don’t think I ever bought any since I usually already had the albums on CD. I guess that would be kind cool to have in a collection though for the completist. My only problem is I don’t have a tape deck of any kind to play it on.

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    1. And here I just gave one away. I’m sorry man. I just wasn’t thinking. Just trying to get stuff out of my house. I was never really happy with my USB tape deck so I just went back to my original Technics. It’s an RS-TR272. This one here:

      I’ve had it for over 20 years and it’s never let me down, so I decided to go back to it.

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