#756.5: New Ride

If rock and roll is only about three things — girls, cars, and booze & drugs — then I took care of 1/3rd of my Rock N’ Roll Duty last night.

The new vehicle is as yet unnamed, but my new Chevy Equinox has arrived just in time for an oversized Sausagefest 2019.  No sleeping in this car, Uncle Meat!

The only thing that really matters to you, of course, is what’s up with the stereo?  A lot has changed in the 10 years since I bought ol’ blue, aka “Dougie Carmore”.  USB ports in the dash were brand new back then.  That car was a huge factor in my use of flash drives for all my music needs.  Now every car has one.  Funny thing though — the salesman who sold me the car had no idea you could just plug in a flash drive to listen to tunes.  He was trying to convince me to stream music from my phone.  Not necessary, my friend!  I came prepared with a 32 gig flash drive.  I plugged it in, and the stereo sounded great.

“I didn’t actually know you could do that,” he said.  Well now you know!  Am I the only guy who listens this way?

The first album played (in part) in the new car was Buddy Holly’s Millenium Collection.  The dash doesn’t display album cover art like others do, but that’s not a big deal.  The main thing is, I can play and access my music the way I am used to and equipped for.  Needing to give the stereo more of a workout, I chose Van Halen’s Diver Down to play next.  Both albums sounded terrific.  My new car is quieter, so now I can hear the music better at lower volume.

Big thanks to Craig and Samantha at Bennett GM in Cambridge for making this my easiest car purchase yet.  No pressure from them; nothing but courtesy and great service.  In and Craig’s case, a mutual love of rock.

On the road to rock, baby!




  1. Congrats on the new car! Looks cool. That flash drive thing to us too back in the day only an additional gadget had to be installed for it and the seller had no idea what we were talking about.

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    1. You were ahead of the game! When I bought my previous car, I thought I would never use the flash drive. I was burning CD compilations regularly, and that was my thing. It was only after playing with a friend’s mp3 player that I started thinking about a flash drive.


  2. Really nice car! I’m still using CDs. Hell, I had a car with a cassette deck in it until 2007, always last on the band wagon am I. It will probably be a couple of years before I get a car with flash drives. Enjoy your ride.

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    1. It’s been fun these last two days, and I’ve since road tested Black Sabbath and Van Halen. I think I need to give Kiss a go very soon. (They are on the Decepticon flash drive)

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  3. Wicked.
    Time for some ‘Wheels of Steel’!
    Nice some extra room in the back in case you come to Tbay and we have to hit some landfill sites looking for Savatage!
    I’ll supply the shovels!

    Enjoy the ride Mr and Mrs Ladano!

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        1. yeah man run with it…
          Think of that WASP tune..

          M..e…a..t All I need is my MEAT Machine!
          M..e….a..t All I need is my MEAT Machine!


  4. Nice! I’m still pluggin’ my phone into a RCA mini port. I thought that was the bomb at the time! Sometimes I want a new car just for the audio improvements. But I also like not having any car payments…

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  5. Nice ride.

    I’m pretty sure that model can’t drive 55.

    Got the feeling, power steering, pistons popping, ain’t no stopping now. Lebrains new car. Lebrains new car r. Lebrains new car. Lebrains new car r r r r r. Lebrains new car. (sung to the beat of Panama)

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