Sunday Chuckle: Prime Mimer

Stole this from a friend’s Facebook!


  1. It makes me feel a little better about having the Supreme Tangerine as president. It’s nice to know Americans aren’t the only ones with horrible taste in politicians.

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    1. You should see what’s happening here now. Did you know that the exhaulted Maxime Bernier, running for Prime Minister, wants to build a fence between the US and Canada? He announced the plan last week to ravenous condemnation and applause, depending on which side you’re on.

      Soon you guys will be completely fenced in.

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    1. You know what Geoff, I’ve never played with a capo myself. I’m going to go over to the storage locker and get one of Jen’s acoustics out of storage and bring it to the lake. Have some beach fun.

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