R.I.P. Ric Ocasek (1944-2019)

Sad news this morning, as we wake to find Ric Ocasek of the Cars has passed away at age 75.  Hard to believe the tall, jet-haired singer was in his 70s at all.  He always looked like a punk misfit.

The Cars formed in 1976 and had a steady stream of hits through the late 70s and early 80s.  When the cars folded he moved on as a producer and solo artist.  Ocasek produced such diverse albums as Bad Brains Rock for Light, and two of the most popular Weezer albums, Blue and Green.  Through these productions, his impact on modern rock cannot be overstated.

I always liked the Cars best, and so we’ll remember Ric today with one of his catchiest songs ever:  the summer anthem “Magic”.

Rest in peace Ric Ocasek.


    1. I’m still really bummed about this. The fact that Ric Ocasek, who was the biggest rock star on TV when I discovered music videos, has died at age 75? It’s inconceivable to me. He was the epitome of cool when I was just trying to figure out what “cool” was.


    1. I don’t know why this is hitting me so hard. Yes I loved the music. But that’s not unusual. I remember being a kid and Ric was so cool to me. He was the coolest guy on TV. Maybe it’s me thinking of my own mortality but I cannot believe Ric is gone. Reading the statement from the family was heart rending.

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      1. Sometimes these things can have a bigger impact than we might think. Timing or because of connections to memories and such like. I’ve been there before and listening to the music and enjoying it helped lift me it… keep enjoying the tunes, man.


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