#800: It’s Beginning to Look Like Marillion Christmas

It’s Beginning to Look Like Marillion Christmas

Immediate apologies to probably a large percentage of readers.  There are two kinds of people:  those who like Christmas music, and those who do not.  Those in the “not” category will probably be dropping in droves this December, as I announce the latest review series here at mikeladano.com.

It’s an interesting matter of fact, but Marillion have a total 15 Christmas themed albums.  That’s an incredibly large number!  Most were only available (for free) to fans of the Marillion Web fan club.  Over the last few Christmases, I’ve reviewed a number of them (linked below).  In 2019, I finally acquired the only two I had been missing.  I didn’t get into Marillion early enough to get the first two, but I was on board by the third.  Now, two decades later, I decided to bite the bullet and pay Discogs prices, which were not all that bad ($30 US each).  And now I have them all!

For a short while, Marillion switched from releasing Christmas albums to Christmas DVDs, which I do not collect.  In 2014, CDs resumed for a short additional run.

  • Chile for the Time of Year (2014 – Webfree 17)
  • A Collection of Recycled Gifts (2014 – Compilation with new Christmas material)
  • Christmas Tour 2014 – Live at the Forum (2014 Abbey Road “instant live”)
  • A Monstrously Festive(al) Christmas (2015 – Webfree 18)

Now that I actually have them all, I’d like to get them all reviewed too.  After all, I can really only do that kind of thing once a year — in December.  Starting with Webfree 1, I’m going to work my way down the list.  And if this doesn’t interest you at all, that’s cool.  I get it.  That’s the thing about personal projects.  This is more about me than you, I’m afraid.  But there’s plenty of reason for you to stick around, too.  Many of these Marillion “Christmas” albums have minimal Christmas content.  Chile for the Time of Year? That’s just, flat-out, a double live album.  It was recorded in May!  It boasts some of Marillion’s best known songs (“Kayleigh”, “Easter”, “Cover My Eyes”), and also a number of key later progressive epics (“Gaza”, “Ocean Cloud”, “Neverland”).  If it were not one of their annual Christmas fanclub freebies, it would fit in any other time.

If you’re a diehard, or just remotely curious about Marillion, I’ve done my best to write for both of you.  These CDs are going to expose to you to variety of Marillion songs.  Hits, deep cuts, and stuff you never heard of before.  And you won’t find a series this detailed anywhere else.

As I buckle in for what looks to be a chilly season, I wish you all the very Merriest of Christmases.  It matters not if you celebrate it.  As the world pauses together this season, I hope you have nothing but warmth and happiness in your life.  Perhaps a hot drinky-poo or a pipe by the fire is all you desire.  Might I recommend a Marillion Christmas to nail the vibe just right?


  1. Holen MaGroin – Songs in the Key of Christmas

    1. Salvation Army Sale
    2. Thank God for Eggnog
    3. Charity Blooze
    4. Christmas Came Early (Premature Ejaculation)
    5. My Wife Overcooked the Fruitcake
    6. Clothes for Christmas (Fuck You, Grandma)
    7. I Had to Put Rudolf to Sleep
    8. Another Cookie (Pancreatic Failure)
    9. Scrooge Smells Like Poop!
    10. Night of the Living Reindeer
    I. Rudolf’s Resurrection
    II. Rudolf’s Pissed
    III. Rudolf’s Revenge
    IV. Anarchy at the Toy Shop
    V. Santa’s Last Stand
    VI. Welcome to the Party, Pal!
    VII. The Final Battle
    VIII. Rudolf Falls
    IX. Silent Night
    11. Let It Snow

    Look for it in a store near you!

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      1. I actually had a few more song titles, but they were funny enough that I didn’t want to post them here and have someone steal my ideas.

        I would never willingly do regional bonus tracks or deluxe editions. I don’t feel like extorting my admittedly limited fan base. What’s on the album is on it, and maybe I’ll put out a disc of unreleased tracks/B-sides later down the road, but it would be separate so people wouldn’t have to buy the same album again.

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        1. OK then you have to tell me how I got this Japanese exclusive copy of your greatest hits, with bonus CD of B-sides and rarities. Holen’s Hits – Japanese import.


        2. Absolutely. I’ll email you when I’ve released more than one song… Of course you can just order directly from me, buy domestic. Well, not domestic since you’re Canadian, but at least it’s the same continent? Maybe? Shiit.


      2. Holy shit. Just noticed you spelled it “Holidaze”. That was one of the one’s I left off. “Boozin’ My Way Through the Holidaze”. Great mindz think alike.

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  2. I do like a bit of Christmas music so this should be interesting… I have plenty of Marillion but never dug into the fan club stuff. I bought a few live ones like Popular Music and stuff but that’s as far as I got. And I’ve lapsed as a fan over the last few years… their last album had its moments.


    1. Yeah you don’t hear that one often. Searching my PC, I only have one live version currently ripped which is acoustic from Less Is More. If I went through all my Racket Club stuff I’m sure I’ll find one though. They released live stuff from every tour…so chances are….


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