#804: Freestylin’

GETTING MORE TALE #804:  Freestylin’

I thought I’d try something different, and just sit down at the keyboard and write.  I have a warm coffee next to me (I drink large regular now) and some music in my speakers.  I’m listening to a Japanese import of Quiet Riot’s new album Hollywood Cowboys.  Just listening; not reviewing.  You have to spend time just listening.

I do most of my listening at my keyboard these days.  My main room music setup is seldom used anymore.  Only when I’m spinning something in 5.1 surround do I usually roll out the big guns.  Otherwise I’m content to just listen at my desk or on a pair of headphones.  It’s a nice comfortable spot for me, right by a window.  Outside the ground is dusted in a shallow layer of white.  It is December 20th, 2019.

I dared go to the mall today.  Long story short, a bunch of stuff I ordered for Jen for Christmas got cancelled (out of stock).  Not having much choice this late in the game, I went to the mall where I accomplished my mission.  It wasn’t what I’d call “fun” but it was also pretty painless.  I stopped at Sunrise records where I inquired about The Rise of Skywalker soundtrack.  I would have taken CD or vinyl, but their stock had not yet arrived.

I do know this.  A “deluxe edition” of the soundtrack is coming in March.  Then, later in 2020, a 27 Blu-ray (!) Skywalker Saga boxed set.  I don’t know how far that will put me back, and I actually don’t care!  I’ve been enjoying speculating what could be in that box.  The press release specified it was being billed as a complete Skywalker Saga.  That’s 9 films.  Let’s guesstimate that each movie will be a 2-disc set.  That’s 22 discs, plus 5 extra Blu-rays?  That’s one possibility.  With George Lucas out of the picture, we could be getting an “original” original trilogy and a Holiday Special.  Sky’s the limit, so let’s make some wishes.

This Quiet Riot album is decent.  I liked Jamed Durbin with that band.  You simply cannot hear that Frankie Banali was ill.  I hope Frankie fights a hard battle against that bitch named cancer, and many more albums are still to come.  You can do this, Frankie.  The Japanese bonus track this time out is an acoustic version of the bluesy “Roll On”.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ozzy Osbourne over the last few weeks.  You’ll see some of that in future content I’ve written.  I played a few of his more recent albums, Scream and Black Rain in addition to all the classics.  Those two are not bad.  They hold up better than I thought they would.  It’s refreshing when you get to Scream, with Gus G on guitar.  Too much Zakk Wylde can lead to ear fatigue.  The Randy Rhoads era stands out absolutely as the pinnacle.  The way he wrote and played guitar is unlike anyone else, and there just isn’t enough Randy music in the world.

In case you’re curious, there’s one Ozzy album I never bought, and that’s Down to Earth (2001).  I’ve heard it and I’m just not interested.  Too many outside writers and too much influence from the producer, would be my nutshell review.  I have no plans to add it to my collection, though I did buy the CD singles.  I like having B-sides.

I think I’ve rambled long enough.  Christmas is coming and I still have one special post to go, as a gift to a reader.  Thanks for hanging in — and stay tuned for the annual year-end lists!

And may the Force be with you, always.




    1. Allow me to expand on this. Before the album came out, Zakk did an interview with a guitar magazine about how pissed off he was about it. About being told how to play, about having to record a song written by the Offspring, and the producer taking the guitar out of his hands to show him how to play the songs properly. The Zakk interview soured me on the album, not to mention the single and outside writers, so I just made a decision to boycott it!


      1. Interesting… got vague memories of that. I’m not even sure if I’ve got it either (if I do it’s lying forgotten at the bottom of a big pile) but I was just surprised you didn’t have it cause you usually get them all! I don’t have Scream either.

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        1. Honestly I wouldn’t even buy the Japanese of Down to Earth, because I already have the bonus track on one of the singles!

          Scream I ended up getting three times. The first release, the reissue, and the vinyl (which had an edit version of Here For You).


        2. Ozzmosis is the last one I fully immersed myself in. He did the Sabbath thing after that, and all that Ozzfest stuff with the nu-metal bands. And the TV show….


  1. Cool loosey-goosey post-Mikey! You should do more these as its a cool ramble.
    Zak and ear fatigue hahaha. True but let’s give Jake a few props as it’s amazing he stepped up under less than stellar circumstances and while we are at it same goes with Brad Gillis.
    Really liked this post Dude!
    Take Care Pal..

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    1. Hah! Well if you liked this then I’ll do more.
      Freestylin’ 2
      Freestylin’: 3-D
      Freestylin’ 4: The Revenge


      Speaking of Jake E Lee, I was inspired by a few listens to Bark at the Moon so I wrote up something coming soon.

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  2. Liked the post, felt kinda like readin the Sunday paper. Thank u! I have the Quiet Riot too, needs more spins but like it so far. Good to hear about the upcoming Star Wars set. I have lot of catching up to do. Still haven’t seen any of the latest saga. What do u think of the new Ozzy vinyl box set? Looks cool. Nice to hear that u are digging into/relistening to Ozzy. I’m still on my REM journey the difference being that I haven’t heard these releases before. I’m listening to Fables this week. Seems like jump from the murmur/reckoning days. What are your top 3 Ozzy albums?My favorite has always been ultimate sin, probably cos it was my first Ozzy vinyl.

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    1. Oh man some challenging thoughts this morning! OK, top 3 Ozzy:

      No Rest

      I don’t particularly care for that Ozzy box set. It does look cool but just not anything there that I need.

      Yeah I don’t mind Quiet Riot. The production sounds a little cheap but the songs are pretty good.


    2. Fables is a strange beast. Grows on you over time. Definitely a departure point from the first two. The first two are really two of a kind, and they definitely evolve from here, but they never do another album like Fables. You’re in for my personal favorite, “Lifes Rich Pageant” next week.

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      1. That’s true, aye. I guess there’s a different motivation there – Lucas saw the special editions as the definitive versions, while Disney see a 27 disc boxset being a huge seller.

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        1. I’m sure Disney have computers and analysts who have calculated example how many zillions of dollars they will make off that thing. If they do include something the fans really want like an “original” original trilogy, then it’s all money in the bank for them.

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