#808.5: “Rare Rush”

Many years ago…I think I was still living with my parents…there was an amazing website with mp3s of just about everything Rush that you could imagine.  The site went down soon after, and I was unable to download any full concerts.  What I did get was all the singles and bonus tracks they had available.

I burned these tracks to a double CD and called it Rare Rush.  I printed the tracklist on brown paper so it would somewhat match with Chronicles.

Most of these tracks are alternate versions, some from promo releases.  The website had all the details, so they are now lost.  However I know some of these are very special versions.  “The Weapon” is the famous single version featuring Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty).


The quality varies from track to track depending on the original source (some are from cassette).  All are interesting to obsessive Rush fans.

Who wants to read a review of Rare Rush?

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  1. I want to read a review of rare Rush.

    Also, I know whst you mean about audio quality depending on the source. When you’re trying to compete with a cassette, it’s hard for the others to keep up. Hahaha.

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  2. I remember the site. I had a bunch of stuff from there, but not all. I haven’t voraciously collected Rush in a while but I have a hard drive with a bunch of full shows going all the way back to 1974…in lossless. I recently begun trawling through it. Have you heard the Power Windows demos? I love it, a bit more hard edged, less synths, but still very synthy…if you know what I mean. It really sounded more like a follow up to GUP, instead of the more polished effort we ended up with. I also had the mix from Neils Instructional video, it was kind of Test For Echo only with fresh drums by Neil. Sounded far better than the original mix of the album.

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  3. Did you know the MFSL Ultradisc version of Signals has a version of “The Weapon” without the vocals right before the breakdown? It’s the version I have. Interesting, wonder why it wasn’t on the master tape.

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        1. HYF was the first cd I ever bought. Still have the original Mercury Atomic. There are added strings on Mission thats the most noticeable thing. The mix does feel slightly more spacious which is canceled out ever so subtly by the squashed mastering

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        2. Yeah the loudness war. HYF and Signals are the only two original discs I hung onto after getting the three Sectors. I might have to do fancy stuff like Audacity screen captures when I review them.


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