#809.5: “Limited Edition” 2 1/2

A couple weeks ago, we looked at “limited edition” CDs once more.  Today, we follow up with a postscript reinforcing everything we discussed last time.

To recap:  Deep Purple have been issuing live albums from a recent “limited edition series”, but all is not as it appears on the surface.  As shown last time, the record company (Edel) couldn’t be bothered to even print the number of your limited edition on the sleeve, instead relegating it to a sticker.  That was on a copy of the second album in the series, Rome 2013.

Today I received my copy of the first release in the series, Newcastle 2001.  This is a track-for-track reissue of discs 5 & 6 of the 2001 Soundboard Series box set.  This time the discs have been “remastered” though there is surely nothing wrong with the original release.  They have also been numbered as part of a limited edition run.  Mine is copy #4222/20,000.

But wait!  Didn’t our friend Heavy Metal Overlord, who got his copy far earlier, have a higher number?

He sure did — #8616.  Proof that it doesn’t matter how early you order these things.  It will have little impact on the number you receive.  It’s also proof that there are plenty of copies to go around.  Confirmed:  you can take your time to order this “limited” release.

This time, however, I’m complaining about a little bit of false advertising.  There is a sticker on the front that says “only 2000 copies worldwide”.  A bit of a typo there.  20,000 is the correct number.  There’s quite a bit of difference between the two.  And we still don’t know if that is for CDs, or both CD and vinyl copies.

Once again, we state what should be obvious:  if the record companies can’t be bothered to get these “limited editions” right, then why should we care?



    1. I don’t think it’s very limited. I ordered it really late. Won’t see a review of it soon though, I haven’t even listened to the last few discs yet. Rush seems to be the series people are requesting next….


  1. and there’s a new Harem Scarem album coming in a few months too..I’m only kidding. Take your time. Looking forward to reading the review anyways. It is sold out in my part of the world…I’m listening to the Doors Soft Parade 50th anniversary edition, sounds really fresh, brings back memories of hearing this stuff played on radio when I was a kid. Not sure how many waves of nostalgia have the Doors gone through?

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    1. I’ll be ordering the Japanese of that one!

      My Doors memory is the movie. Billy Idol being in the movie. And Val Kilmer. That’s about it. I never cared about Jim Morrison. I don’t particularly care for the Doors!


  2. For what it’s worth, I have #8782. This is a great show, the horns add a completely new dimension to some songs. I wish they had a horn section a bit more often now.

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