VHS Archives #91: It’s 1998. Are you ready for DVD? (MuchMusic FAX)

Ah, 1998, a simpler age for simpler folks.  We had just finished upgrading all our cassettes to CDs.  Those old LPs that were gathering dust in the garage finally hit the curb and the landfill where they belonged.  The digital age had arrived!  Time for another new format to sweep away the old.

Are you ready for Digital Versatile Disc?

This segment was from the MuchMusic news program FAX, during a period when they used “videographers” carrying cameras on their shoulders at all times, to catch those always-breaking stories. Oh, the late 1990s.


  1. Those prices! $34 for Halloween! Dang, I forgot how expensive they were. A few months ago I found a receipt for two Clapton DVDs I bought around that time. I spent $29.99 on each! What was I thinking? Now, see this. They probably were on sale, lol

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      1. The first DVDs I bought new were in the $40 range! I remember they were at Steve’s TV on shelves BEHIND the counter. You had to ask for them. And it felt like you were getting your money’s worth. Audio commentary, special features, deleted scenes, it felt like it was worth a lot more than VHS.

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