VHS Archives #95: Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul gets political (1991)

Warrior Soul are a heavy band with a charismatic lead singer named Kory Clarke.  Though their subject matter varied over the years, Kory was never afraid to get political.  In this interview from 1991 supporting their second LP Drugs, God and the New Republic, Kory addresses controversial lyrics like “the goddamn president can go to hell.” Check it out. From MuchMusic’s Power 30.



  1. These guys got some coverage from the magazines and stuff Mikey but I just could not get into them. But as was the problem there was so much music buzzing about back than. Stuff slid through the cracks. This was one for me.
    Sorry Kory! lol

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    1. There really was a lot of new music. These guys, Love/Hate, King’s X and Galactic Cowboys all seemed to be on the verge of breaking big, while delivering something more intelligent than Bon Jovi or Poison. Never happened. Kory’s still doing Warrior Soul though. he’s never stopped.

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  2. A pal of mine loves these guys. His favourite band. I gave them a listen and they aren’t quite my thing, but he’s daft about them. Think he went to see them a year or so back (maybe two years…).

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        1. At the time, there was this sub-group of bands like Love/Hate, Warrior Soul and King’s X. They had commercial potential, but darker and more serious music. None of them broke through, though all three were predicted to do big things.


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