Sunday Chuckle: Freudian Thuss

Sometimes the chuckles to come to me and I don’t have to do any work!  Last week, sometimes-contributor Thuss sent me an email titled “Don’t read while listening to music.”  In Getting More Tale #819:  Early to Rise, I expounded on the benefits of being an early riser.   “I’ll do laundry or I’ll review a box set,” I wrote.

He explained, “I read it as I’ll do laundry or I’ll review a sex bot.”
“I actually laughed out loud and I’m at work.  Everyone looked at me like I had two heads.”

Man, that’s a great story.  That would be cool, reviewing a sex bot.  If any Gazorpazorpians want to send me a free sample (deactivated of course, we don’t need any half-alien kids) then I’ll be happy to review it for the readers out there.



        1. One kid on our street was older than the rest of us and had a few playboys, but I just thought it was funny to burn the nipples out with a magnifying glass. That’s what we did.

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        2. The one thing I regret losing are my childhood rock magazines. At least I gave them all to a friend so I know he valued them. But you can’t keep carrying everything around with you, your whole life, can you?

          I supposed if I regretted it enough I could find copies on ebay.

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        3. We bought into that whole idea that less is more, that you’re happier if you have less. That’s what our lady told us, the organizer who helped us. “Don’t you feel better to be free of all this stuff?” In a way yeah — some things. Other things I should have hung on to. She really pushed me to get rid of too many of my books. “When will you read this?’ With books that is not the point! I’m 47 — you saying I won’t read it before I die? Big mistakes.

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        4. The same. With all those CDs, when was I possibly going to listen to all of them. That wasn’t the point. The point was, it was there “in case” I wanted to listen to it.


    1. I just can’t decide, Geoff.
      You and the family doing OK in these interesting times? It was really strange not having hockey last night. Jen watched the Simpsons all night and I watched Molly’s Game on Netflix.


      1. So far so good – the 2 youngest are likely too young to really understand. We’ve been trying to turn it into an opportunity to do more bike rides / board games / activities.
        A Simpsons marathon seems like a good substitute for HNIC!

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        1. It’s harder on Jen because she’s more of a social butterfly than me and she loves her hockey. For me it’s more “situation normal” as I tend to stay home more. Lots of great stuff on Netflix and Amazon Prime to enjoy and I’m digging through corners of my CD collection as well.

          Just hoping it’s situation normal at work next week but I guess we’ll see.

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        2. May as well. I suppose my normal lifestyle is “socially distancing” but we went out shopping yesterday and might go get lunch today, we’ll see. My hands smell wonderful for all the extra washing they are getting, but I can’t say I’m not worried about somebody I know getting sick and passing it on.

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        3. I think we’re all a bit worried – but as long as the worry leads to responsible behaviour (hand-washing, social distance, following health unit recommendations) and not panic, I’m optimistic

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        4. I wish you could smell my hands man. Like lilacs.

          Everybody I know is being fairly sensible — I don’t think we should stop living our lives. I bet movie theaters are deserted right now. Might be a fun, safe activity since I’m sure it’s only small gatherings of people in places like that.

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    1. Of the 36 episodes released I fully enjoyed 33 of them. It’s actually in some ways too good. You have to watch some episodes a dozen times to get all the jokes and references. But in other ways it feels cheap and shabbily made. It’s odd.

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