RECORD STORE TALES: Table of Contents Parts 1 – 50

Part 1:  The Beginning – “Run to the Hills”
Part 2: Gimme an R!
Part 3: My First KISS
Part 4: A Word About B-Sides
Part 5: The Dream Job
Part 6: The Record Store, Year 1
Part 7: A Shitty Story
Part 8: You Wanted the Best
Part 9: Back to Toronto
Part 10: What’s it like, working in a record store?

Part 11: Klassic Kwotes I
Part 12: The Pepsi Power Hour
Part 13: Klassic Kwotes II
Part 14: Record Shows, Parties, and Quiet Riot
Part 15: Dating a Radio Station Girl
Part 16: Travelling Man
Part 17: New Music
Part 18: Klassic Kwotes III
Part 19: “The Rules” (IRON MAIDEN – The First Ten Years box set)
Part 20: I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Part 21: “The Book” / REVIEW: Martin Popoff – Riff Kills Man!
Part 22: The Regulars 1.0
Part 23: Klassic Kwotes IV
Part 24: Musical Embarrassment
Part 25: Applicants
Part 26: You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best…
Part 27: Store Play
Part 28: The Boy Who Killed Pink Floyd
Part 29: Klassic Kwotes V
Part 30: Sausagefest

Part 31: Quest For Music Videos
Part 32: Pranks 1.0 – Live in Japan
Part 33: Special Orders
Part 34: SPECIAL! “Bands That I Think Suck” FROM THE ARCHIVES!
Part 35: Credit Due
Part 35.5: Spoogecakes (TOO HOT FOR TV!)
Part 36: The Hunt
Part 37: When Wives Spill Their Pepsi all Over Ronnie James Dio
Part 38: More Wood
Part 39: Mother’s Day at the Record Store
Part 40: Record Store Bands

Part 41: Klassic Kwotes VI
Part 42: The Barefoot DJ
Part 42.5: Random Klassic Quote
Part 43: Shake Your Foundations (Epilepsy Sucks!)
Part 44: eBayers
Part 45: S.F.G.
Part 46: Integrity Mix
Part 47: Love You Live
Part 48: Thick Skin
Part 49: Strippers
Part 50: X-Rated Record Store Instant Messaging



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