Casual Saturday Live Stream: Uncle Don Don Cutoff Shorts Countdown, new music!

As suggested by Boppin, this Saturday we will be doing a “Nigel Tufnel Top Ten” countdown for my Uncle Don who passed away this week from cancer.

I’ll also unbox some new music arrivals and chat with YOU!

Like the stream from two weeks ago, I plan to pop in periodically through the day, catching people in different time zones and testing new gadgets.

Hope you can catch some of it!  Saturday June 6, Facebook: Michael Ladano.


    1. Not sure yet. I’ll probably start in the morning like I did last week, so I can have a chance of catching Harrison. I would say the Uncle Don countdown will happen in the afternoon. Hoping my mom or sister will co-host. 4 pm EST is only a guess.

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  1. Can u maybe do Priest live album top 7? I only have unleashed, Priest live and Battle cry. Didn’t care much for Battle cry. Are u into live albums?

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