Live Streamin’ With Deke and LeBrain: Lead Singer’s Disease

Tune in tonight for another Live Streamin’ Weekend!

Superdekes is back this week with a show of his design.  Forgoing the list format, it’s open discussion with your feedback.  This week’s subject is called “Lead Singer’s Disease” and we will be discussing the tumultuous 1990s and the lead singers that found themselves replaced in major rock bands.  From Motley to Maiden, some of these singers were fired, replaced, then those replacements were fired, and on and on!  The 1990s were utter chaos.  One minute your favourite band were releasing a new album, next minute the singer is gone.  Deke and I will be revisiting this era with bands you knew about and a few you forgot.

There will also be, with any luck, improved audio due to a new microphone that tested out well in a test stream.  There might even be visual effects!

Join us tonight.  Facebook:  Michael Ladano


Last week’s show:


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