Nostalgia Stream – Full Video

That was intense!  What follows is two hours of stories, friendship, music, hardship, music, childhood, Record Store Tales, music, and emotion.  I don’t think I’ll be able to do a show like this one again.  But I’m glad I did it and thank you for watching.

This episode may not be for everyone and I will warn you right from the start that there are some serious heavy, raw emotions about to outpour.  This is your trigger warning.  There is very little in this live stream that I have not written about in the past so if you have been reading Record Store Tales and Getting More Tale, then you’re all caught up anyway.


  1. The winter thing: I do like it, mostly ‘cos I’m hot all the time so the cooler air is awesome. But mostly it’s a perspective thing: if you hate winter, in Canada, you’ll hate half your life because it’s guaranteed half the year will suck, weather-wise. So I say just embrace it and let’s give ‘er!

    Now, mental health stuff, even SAD and all sorts of other things, attached is different and I totally, totally understand.

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    1. I appreciate that you understand, man. To be fair to you, in the older days I wasn’t really as self-aware and I probably just said “I hate snow” without being able to say “because I have this mental stuff going on as well.”

      But it does make me happy that others find joy in winter! As for myself, I think I have coped better by doing different activities in the winter, In the winter I write more and work on y VHS archives more, so I always have that to look forward to now.


  2. Sorry to hear about your job LB…..that totally sux! But you’re right…..ride that sucka til it bucks u off…..then get on the program. I’ve been out of work since Feb……no luck so far here in NS. Lots of close calls, but not landed anything. Carry on Sir.

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  3. Man I remember the Hiway Market. I think my great uncle Stan used to work in there, in the camera section. I do remember buying the Falco 3 cassette in the music section. When I was a kid, I loved Rock Me Amadeus ha.

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  4. Huh, what a charge of emotions. Thanks for sharing. Still love your site. Sometimes listening/reading your stories hits so close to home. I had forgot about making prank calls as a kid. Me and my friends just picked any number from phonebook and usually tried to sell something to anyone who answered. Today I’ve been listening to Marbles. Actually that cd worked as a soundtrack to your stream this time. I have learned that it’s much easier to defend someone else than it is to stick up for yourself. Wonder why that is?

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  5. Man I remember having the run of the small town we lived in (in the 80s), everyone knew who we were and we never caused (that much) trouble. Raising our two kids now, I wonder sometimes if we’re hovering, if we’re paranoid. I don’t think so. But you’re right, these are different times. Very different.

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    1. I don’t think I’d want my kids (if I had any) hanging out at thet tennis court as late as we did. But we were so safe back then, and every family knew where everybody lived and kept watch.


      1. Well, safe is a relative term (I’m sure there were creepos back then too), but I know what you mean. Also, my lovely wife’s first job was as a mental health therapist in a maximum security federel prison / psychiatric hospital, so we’re well aware of how badly things can go. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure these days, I believe…


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