VIDEO: Weekend of Awesome

Self explanatory.  Music by MAX THE AXE:  “Livin’ the Country” and “More” from Overload.


      1. Well if you head on over to Holen’s Happy Funhouse Games ‘n’ Cake Center, you’ll be sure to crack a genuine smile. You’ve missed most of the R.E.M. series, a Bergman box set, a Nic Cage film, a Martin Birch tribute, and an Anal Cunt review!


        1. It seems every couple years we get a nasty reminder why every minute there needs to be savoured. Hi, 2020.

          It feels like our first 2020 trips was just a few weeks ago. In fact it was the end of May. Harrison was the live special guest and it was cold and rainy on the porch where I streamed. It was the first cottage stream and I refused to be rained out.

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  1. We were at the beach and in the same lake yesterday. Had to leave, though, because there were five water funnels (we saw one), and a tornado warning in the area too. There’ll be other days! Great video, Mike, gotta preserve these memories!


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