VIDEO: A Drive Around Kitchener / Max the Axe – “Scales of Justice”

Just looking for ways to get some local bands heard.  Seems a drive around Kitchener-Waterloo is a good video background for a band from Kitchener-Waterloo called Max the Axe.

From their sixth record Status Electric comes “Scales of Justice” written by Mike Koutis and Eric Litwiller.  The lyrics tell a truthful tale of why only a fool owns a deadly snake let alone two.

This video is sped up 10x and was filmed on Saturday 9/5/2020 in the afternoon.



    1. Thanks — just looking for something to do while my two laptops were backing up 308 gig of music :) The day after I made this, Max dropped off the only remaining cassette copy of his 1995 debut EP. And it’s good and I’ll be using some of those tracks in upcoming videos. Hard Drive and The Fair Ophelia are great.

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  1. I did this one time here in my town, years ago, driving into Harrison Park while listening to Motley Crue Dr. feelgood. I only did it for the kids so they could get a laugh. I tried following your directions to where you were driving, but I got lost pretty quickly. It has been half a lifetime since I lived in that town. I remember your driveway though! And I definitely recogNised Fairway Road and turning around in the Toys “R” Us parking lot. Your UK viewers are going to get weirded out by you driving on the wrong side of the road whole time…


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