Sunday Chuckle: Things Jen’s Mom Did to Make Me Smile

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a pest.  Sometimes when I’m out with Jen, I’ll sneakily reach over and tickle her while pretending I did nothing.  It drives her nuts, but it used to make her mom smile.  When I used to drive them around, Jen’s mom would sit in the back.  When I was stopped at a red light I’d sneak a tickle.  Jen would scold me and then her mom would say “Listen to Jen, Michael.”  Then I’d turn around and she’d wink at me and whisper “Do it again!”  So I would, and Jen wouldn’t believe me that her mom was encouraging me!

Jen’s mom was a special lady.  We only lost her two years ago, so I’m always happy to share those stories that make us smile.



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