Highway to Lists: Live Streaming AC/DC Deep Cuts

A huge thanks to Kevin/Buried On Mars for this week’s theme:  AC/DC Deep Cuts!

Your hosts with lists this week were:

Over the course of five lists, you will definitely find some tracks to check out for the first time, or just for a fresh listen.  The discussion was brisk and entertaining as hell.  You might even see cameos from Boba Fett and Thunder Bay’s own T-Bone Erickson.  What songs did we pick?  Was Aaron disqualified?  You’ll have to watch to find out.

In addition to the AC/DC lists, we tackled a few other topics.  Check the video times below to skip to the following:

  • An Amazon parcel & special Sven Gali swag unboxing – 0:09:30
  • Some praise for Max the Axe and Eric Litwiller –  0:26:00
  • The AC/DC lists0:30:50
  • For the after-party, general music and current events discussion – 1:55:25

Thanks for tuning in everybody.



        1. I’m joking. I couldn’t even name 11 Michael Bay films. But yes, some show and tell, or maybe even a powerpoint that you can screenshare would really help ours.


  1. Great show Mike. During the Max the Axe praise I was trying to post a picture into my comment of my Cd and it wouldn’t let me dang it! I didn’t make it all the way through but I got through 1/2 the list. I’ll have to work on getting through the rest this weekend!

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        1. I know I know, I complicate things. LOL.

          Glad you got to watch for a bit at least and looking forward to having you on for a good list show. We really need to get Geoff Stephen to be a scorekeeper next time!

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  2. Thank you Mike for including me in this talk, and thanks everyone for letting me be on there, the guy who just like AC/DC and doesn’t really follow much about them! If you made a compilation of the tracks we all picked (minus the duplicates, obvs.), that would be one hell of a great album!

    Mike, Sven Gali! Man that takes me back to high school! Under The Influence! I did not realize they were still a thing – is that a new album??? Holy moly that’s cool!

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    1. New EP but yes! And I like it. I like it more now than I did before. The band lost a member to cancer a few years ago, but they have soldiered on with guys from the band Varga. It’s a really solid lineup now. The drummer Dan who was originally from Varga is a monster.

      And dude, I think the best part of what you brought to the show (besides the amps) is your own personal perspective, when you are talking about being a guy who has just most of the albums.

      Again I wish we had Geoff Stephen there to keep stats, live. I’ve reached out to him and maybe given the opportunity we can have him do that. He could send me graphs and I can put them on screen!


    1. Took me 3 hours man. Yeah, that was fun. Thanks for doing that. Sorry for blindsiding you with the cold opening. But it looked great anyway! Henceforce I shall open with offscreen discussion!


  3. OMG I LOVE THIS!!! It’s so funny how you guys had the same songs like “Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer,” “Overdose,” “Landslide,” and “Shot of Love.” Also, I never knew “Spellbound” was about depression, I’ll never listen to that song the same way again. Phil Rudd is so underappreciated and it’s sad really, especially since I love “Walk All Over You.” I remember when I first heard that Mal and Cliff’s backing vocals on the track, I thought, “wow, these dudes sound American!” Haha!

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        1. Yeah I’m not sure if Hawaii is 3 hours or 4 hours off from us. I usually go live Fridays at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. I guess that would be 3 or 4 PM your time. The good news is, I do plan on changing up the times in the future so different people can watch and participate. I have a guitarist from France named Steph Honde who played with some big names coming on, and that’ll be on a Saturday mid-day for example. France is 5 hours in the other direction! And there are people from Australia that want to watch as well.

          That said, Hawaii is a place I have been fascinated with for a long time, and I am eternally jealous. It looks like a slice of paradise honestly. I may be Canadian but I do not like winter.

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        2. Oh ok 3pm – 4pm isn’t bad for me. Oh does that mean you have something today since it’s Friday? Do you have an instagram I can follow for updates on your stuff?

          Hawaii is nice, I’m getting used to it, as I’m not a beach or hiking person, but we have good food. Oh yeah I heard it gets cold in Canada at times.

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        3. Actually yes I’m going live in about half an hour. You can catch it on Youtube here:


          And Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/mikeladano/

          Tonight’s show however isn’t going to be a music one just so you know. My wife has epilepsy and I’m talking about that tonight instead, although music will definitely come up.

          Good food — got me sold!

          Yeah it gets cold here and one of my goals is to do a live show outdoors in the snow when the time is right!

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        4. Ok I just subscribed to your youtube and instagram pages. I’ll be on the lookout for more updates. I had stuff to do today so I missed the livestream today, hopefully I can make it to the next one.

          I’m sorry to hear your wife has epilepsy. When was she diagnosed? Does she have any medication to help with the symptoms? I hope she’s doing well.

          Yeah and shave ice haha!

          That would be cool seeing snow on a livestream!

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        5. Thanks for that! Much appreciated. We are already working on next week’s content and the new AC/DC at the top of the list.

          She was diagnosed in 2008 and to date no medications have completely helped. She might be one of a small number of people who are drug-resistant.

          Hope to see you at the next one!

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        6. I’ll be looking forward to more AC/DC from you and I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

          I’m sorry to hear that no medication has helped her symptoms, I hope your wife feels better real soon!

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        7. Thanks Lana! She has a positive attitude, and if you see the show from last night you’ll definitely see that. She’s my inspiration.

          Next week’s show will also feature some familiar co-hosts such as John from 2loud2oldmusic, Deke from Arena Rock, and Kevin from Buried On Mars. Gonna be great. We have great discussions when we team up.

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        8. We’re calling it New Release Friday. We’ll be discussing AC/DC, up to whatever the most recent news is. We’ll be discussing the new live album coming out by Iron Maiden. The new single by Sloan, and all the good stuff coming out to help us forgot the bad stuff about 2020. It started when Deke said to me “The world needs new AC/DC right now.” That was the trigger point so I said “Let’s talk about that.” There ya go! Hope you can check it out. Next week, Friday night at 7:00 PM.

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        9. Wow that’s a great topic! Music has been getting me through the covid craziness, so I’m glad you’ll be covering that! Ok, I might need reminders from your social channels, but I’ll do my best to tune in! And thank Deke for me for suggesting that topic! :)

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        10. Don’t worry I post full reminders every Friday (and usually teases before).

          Looks like we are going to get the full AC/DC single on Wednesday. We definitely picked the right week to talk about this!!

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        11. Oh ok and if I miss this week’s livestream, I’ll watch the video on your website when I get the chance to!

          You definitely have great timing with this discussion.


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