Music Movie Mania on the LeBrain Train

An epic six-member panel!  Mega mega movie lists!  Another great show in the books.

Music movies were the focus of the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten tonight, and we brought you so many that your head will spin.  In a good way.  Like a record.  Thanks to everyone for coming on tonight:

Here are your timestamps for various parts of the show:

  • For a cool Japanese import music unboxing, go to 0:03:50.
  • For the start of the lists, skip to 0:23:20.
  • General discussion & current events begin at 2:10:10.

We hope you find at least one new music movie to watch and enjoy!




  1. that was entertaining! Thanks for the Green Room tip, will seek it out. There’s been so many music flicks lately. Haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody either nor a star is born, rocketman or the dirt. And then there’s the new Bill and Ted coming too….Have any of u gone seen a live concert in a movie theatre? The latest trend where a band is playing somewhere and it is shown around the world in movie theatres?

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    1. Hey KK. No I have not been to a theater at all since Star Wars. I was gearing up to go see Tenet this fall. Looks really interesting. But things have changed and I’m back under lockdown to keep everyone safe. I won’t be in a theater again in 2020.


      1. I keep reading that Tenet in theaters is just too loud and people have even been given free earplugs. And that at times the noise is so loud that one can’t hear what is being said. Sounds like a movie for dvd view.

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        1. That could make Richard Dryfuss the lead guitar player then. We need him upfront to hook the ladies in. I’ll let you and Rob duke it out for rythym and bass. I’ll be backstage taping down wires.

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        2. I’ve always wanted to try bass so I’ll take that position if Rob doesn’t mind. Actually I think you would work as the Brian Eno of the group, with a console of dials that none of us undertstand.

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  2. Quick question to the Canadians. Do you guys get boiling piss? Where if you’re out in the hot sun for too long and go to the bathroom right after it feels acidic coming out of your urethra? Or is it too temperate in the summer time there?

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