VIDEO: Max the Axe – “Hard Drive” / Traffic jam on Highway 401

It was a drizzly drive home, with an accident right in the “Sweet Spot” of Highway 401 heading into Kitchener.  Perfect for another Max the Axe video.  The track is called “Hard Drive” (see what I did there?) and it’s from his 1995 debut cassette Bodies of Water.  It’s a killer epic featuring flute, saxophone, and the works.

In this video you’ll notice I’m a patient driver; I don’t change lanes to go faster.  I get in the lane I’m supposed to be in and I stay there.  I only change lanes a couple times in the whole video.

Pay attention and you’ll see the anti-abortion protesters across from Freeport hospital.  You’ll also notice landmarks such as Tim Horton’s (see how many you can spot) and the striking Grand River bridge.  Mostly you’ll be annoyed at the tail lights and other drivers.  Get a coffee.  (This video has been sped up 2.5 times to match the length of the song.)  Enjoy the drive!




      1. I’m not “desperate” to post anything. I thought “ride” also dealt with the same topic. Riding in an automobile vs driving one. I thought it would be an amusing supplement to your video since it deals with virtually the same topic, and it’s Pantera dressed up in glam outfits (which is inherently funny), but I guess not. Fuck it. I’ll just walk away with me tail between my legs and shut the fuck up since it’s what everyone wants anyway.


        1. I was just hoping for more comments about Max’s song, not necessarily Dimebag, that is all. Trying to promote Max. The song title refers to a computer hard drive, and I thought I’d use it as a play on words. That’s all, he appreciates that we are getting his music on YouTube for him.


        2. The main post is about Max, I don’t think a silly comment of mine is drawing anyone’s attention away from the Max the Axe. The song itself does a way better job of that than I ever could.


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