REVIEW: Sloan – “Stood Up” / “Same Old Flame” (1995 7″ single)

SLOAN – “Stood Up” / “Same Old Flame” (1995 murderecords 7″ single)

Though those without the syrup of the Mighty Maple flowing through their veins might not be familiar with Sloan, there are some who consider the east-coast quartet to be Canada’s greatest rock band.  With four writers / singers / instrumentalists, it’s an argument with some merit.  Though some say they are too sloppy live, in the studio they have some truly shining diamonds.  Some of those gems aren’t even from albums.

1995 was a difficult time for Sloan.  After receiving no support from Geffen for their shoulda-been breakthrough album Twice Removed, the band either broke up, or were about to break up, or considered themselves broken up even though they weren’t.  The double A-sided “Stood Up” and “Same Old Flame” single comes from this murky period in their timeline, released on their own label murderecords.  (In Japan, these two songs were included as bonus tracks on their third full length CD, One Chord to Another.)

“Stood Up” is a Chris Murphy number with a catchy tremolo guitar hook.  The lo-fi recording is so tasty.  Sloan’s usual vocal harmonies create the melodic blend you expect, but that relentless guitar groove is center stage.  Not dark, but shady, with energetic shouts.  By contrast, Patrick Pentland’s “Same Old Flame” is light and upbeat.  The fun verses set up a more plaintive chorus, all danceable.  Though both songs are equally strong, it’s “Same Old Flame” that you will singing and tapping your feet to.

For only $7, I found this single at yet another record show in Guelph with my buddy Peter.  Today it sells for twice that.  Though I hoped to find more than just one Sloan single that day (“Rhodes Jam” still eludes me), at least I left with what I came for.  A great single for any Sloan collection, big or small.  An essential one in fact, now that everybody is into vinyl again as their primary format.

5/5 stars


        1. He’s a lot of fun. Lots of ego. You know in Underwhelmed when they invite somebody onstage to play bass, so Chris can be a rock star? A guy I know grabbed the bass out of whoever’s hand, because they couldn’t play for shit. This guy gets up there, starts ripping on the bass during Underwhelmed…Chris was upstaged and not happy!

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        1. Yeah, I imagine they have bad shows. I don’t know, I’ve seen them three times now, back in the ’90s, a few years ago when they were without Patrick, and last year I watched them rip through Navy Blues. Sloppy was not a word that came to my mind… but I might be just lucky, lol!

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        2. Yeah, he had to leave the 2018 tour for a family illness. We were at the first show they did without him at the Kee To Bala. Their keyboard player filled in which was amazing to watch in of itself. He played keys, bass, and guitar depending on what the song called for. He must know all of their parts just in case.

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    1. A few our crew saw in the 90s were very sloppy but hella fun. You don’t need to hit every note.

      The one I saw on the Between the Bridges tour, some people said they sucked. I don’t know how they sucked, they were awesome! Don’t have to be perfect to be great.

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