Steph Honde talks music, collecting, gigs, stories and lots more on the LeBrain Train

Thank you Steph for generously spending your time with Deke and myself today.  Check out the show below on YouTube if you missed it.  Topics discussed include:

  • Playing with Paul Di’Anno
  • Moving to L.A.
  • Gigs
  • Stories
  • CDs and box sets
  • Canadian rock
  • Now Or Never, Hollywood Monsters, Jim Crean and solo work

…and much more!




  1. Great livestream Mike! Steph seems like such a cool guy and he brought up good points about how artists don’t make much money with streaming services and the record labels. I don’t know much about the latter, but I know some labels can control what the artists sing and put on their records, etc. I also agree with Steph’s point about artists not wanting to lose their fanbase because the music business is competitive, even more so now, as a result, artists keep on playing the same hits over and over again, not even pushing themselves to take risks anymore and that’s really sad. I did a post about this topic back in August if you want to check it out:

    I’ve been on a CD binge recently because I’ve gained such comfort listening to CDs because I grew up with them and it reminds me of the simple times. Earlier this week, I played my Justin Bieber My World 2.0 CD, and it took me back to happy times in my life before middle school when I had no care in the world. I love that calm and nostalgic feeling I get with CDs. I think in this technological world, it’s a benefit, but also a threat to the music world. Before, people bought albums and cassettes, but now people stream the music on Spotify or Apple music and that’s pretty sad. What’s sadder is that even my parents are like, “why don’t you just download the songs on Spotify and listen to them on there? Why do you need to buy CDs?” I find that sad knowing my parents are sucked into this new technological world and becoming puppets of it.

    The thought of not having concerts till 2022 scares me because like Steph said, how can bands survive, especially the not-so-well-known bands? I keep telling my mom that this pandemic better end soon because AC/DC isn’t getting any younger! With bands like Def Leppard, they came to Hawaii back in 2018, but I didn’t get into them until a year later, so I’m even more heartbroken knowing that I never got into them sooner. Def Leppard is younger, so maybe they’ll still be around by the time this pandemic ends, but for bands like AC/DC, I’m scared they might not even get a chance to do one more tour and that sucks!

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    1. Followed!

      Well, you know, parents don’t get it. Mine didn’t trust me. I remember one night I came home with a bag, and my dad says “What’s in the bag?” I told him it was the new Kiss CD and he goes, “Kiss? Don’t you have everything Kiss already??” I thought that was hilarious. As if you can ever collect everything.

      Ultimately while we all live within our means, we have to spend our money accordingly. I’ll tell you what my story is. I taped a lot of albums off friends for the first several years. Basically the old way of downloading. But I started working at the Record Store in 94 and that’s when I start literally buying EVERYTHING I ever taped. Took years to find everything of course. There’s that word “everything” again.

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      1. That’s a good point! Parents don’t go hardcore for bands, they’ll like the artist, but they won’t buy the merch and when you do, they look at you like you’re insane. That’s what my dad did when I bought the Def Leppard Vault album about three months ago.

        Yeah that’s true. I can’t buy everything. Especially now that I don’t have my job anymore (it was an on-campus job at my college). It is fun to collect though, I’m guessing that’s why you bought everything. How did you get your job at the record store by the way?


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