The Riffs Kept A-Rockin’ on the LeBrain Train

Dude!!  What a show that was!  Technical difficulties aside, another excellent Nigel Tufnel Top Ten.  Hottest Riffs of the 1970s was the topic at hand.  The lists went far and wide and everybody came out of it with huge smiles on their faces.  Rush, Van Halen and Black Sabbath received a lot of extra love tonight, but you’ll have to watch to find out!

Your panel:

It was a tremendous amount of fun to actually hear some of these riffs instead of just talking about them.  A huge thanks to Mike for doing this with us.  And he will be back when we talk about the 80s.

The less said about this show, the better, because who wants spoilers?  Not you, trust me!

To jump straight to the lists without all the preamble and introductions, go to 0:21:00 and enjoy!


    1. Thanks for doing that John. I forgot, at the start of the show I was going to make a joke. Since I forgot (due to the different technical issues) I will share the joke here!

      I was going to say “John couldn’t make it tonight due to a family commitment, which is actually really bad news for my show, because 50% of my audience is actually the Snow clan.”

      LOL. Thanks for the support as always my friend.

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        1. It’s a noticeable bump! I’ll keep you posted on all the show ideas and just lemme know when you’re interested! I’m trying to entice Rob Daniels back for a return appearance too, he is overdue.

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    1. Thanks for being there Kevin, you are always awesome. I truly appreciate it. I know that you could be driving a truck simulator instead of watching my phone fall down.

      Incidentally Deke and I are looking for an excuse to bring Trucker Kevin onto the show. Perhaps Top 11 Truckin’ Songs.

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      1. The name is familiar – I find the blogging timeline fascinating. For example, I imagine we first communicated via comments somewhere in the ballpark of 2013? Yet didn’t actually speak until 2020. And it’s tough to picture an era of blogging before the current community!

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  1. Mike Slayen was a nice addition to the show and it was cool to see him play the riffs. I can’t wait for when you guys talk about 80s riffs where Def Leppard will come in handy (probably from the Pete Willis years). I loved hearing everyone’s lists and the thought they put into them. Funny story, I almost suggested “Riff Raff” because Meat’s name on the screen was Uncle Meat Riff, but I thought that’d be dumb. At least Kevin chose it in the end! But great show guys!


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