Martin Popoff & the Gang round up their King’s X Top Five

A huge thank-you once more to Martin Popoff for joining us on the show to talk King’s X!  We have been immersing ourselves in the magic trio from Texas:  Dug, Ty and Jerry.  And it has been brilliant.  And these were some brilliant lists.  Martin’s insight on these crucial records will be of interest to diehards and new fans alike.

Want a starter’s kit into King’s X?  Watch this show and listen to Martin.  He comes in at 0:12:45 of the stream.

Martin hung out and chatted King’s X (and a little Rush) for an hour.  Afterwards, we were joined by Kevin from Buried On Mars to continue the musical discussions.  Jacob Moon, Marillion, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath…it was a fun freeform chat that I hope you will stick around and enjoy for the balance of the show.

A huge thanks to Mr. T-Bone Erickson for the new Martin Popoff intro.

Your panel tonight was:

Thanks for Dr. Dave Haslam and KK for your bonus lists!



  1. A great show. I should be more into King’s X. Popoff knows his stuff, and he’s super cool on top of that. Looking forward to next week. Concept albums, a love of mine. I guess I don’t really want to be on, but I’d like to put in a list for that one, since I love concept albums. Well, when they’re done right. It’s hard to fail more spectacularly than when you make a bad concept album.

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    1. Thanks, he was an awesome guest as always…I thought the guys did great too!

      Sure, submit a list! I can’t promise that we will necessarily get to it because I think next week will be a long show, but we shall see! That was Rob Daniels’ idea. You just know Rob will have something unusual to show & tell.

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        1. Either one works — someone also mentioned writing the picks in the comments so I can put them on screen. I like that feature a lot too. You could make a list, and copy/paste? (Just keep it clean at my mom is now my most regular viewer even when she doesn’t know the bands). Anyway it’s up to you — I personally like having the text on the screen while I read but that’s just me!

          Gonna be a great show though, I know you like when Rob is on. The guy knows of what he speaks!

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        2. Say, did Harrison tell you Danny Elfman is back? Totally doing something new. Nice to hear a 67 year old totally reinvent himself without sounding out of touch for a minute. He’s putting out a new single every month.

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    1. SO awesome! Now I didn’t catch all the comments, is that the first five albums?

      That would be:

      Out of the Silent Planet
      Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
      Faith Hope Love
      King’s X

      Five killer albums right there. Although only Martin’s picked King’s X as one of his five.


        1. For sure, though I doubt 5 LPs would have been $20 anyway! I’m really liking these albums boxed sets. I got the ZZ Top one, and the Police is on the way (still), and now Kings X. I also have the Phil Collins one, which I totally didn’t need but whatever… I just like to have the records to put tunes in my ears, not too bothered about packaging etc.


        1. Well I am brand new to it. Have I even heard a song of theirs? Maybe? On an old CMJ maybe? I dunno. Anyway, I like a challenge, and I love new-to-me tunes so I’ll give ‘er!


  2. I’ve caught up with the first hour and it was cool hearing what you guys had to say about those King’s X albums. My favourite is either Dogman or Ear Candy (Gretchen, Tape Head, Mr Bulbous make up my top 5).

    I’ll catch up with the rest tomorrow, but I enjoyed that first hour.

    By the way, how do you rate Tres Mtns?

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    1. I think Meat is way more into them than I am, lol

      I still need to give High ‘n Dry a spin. I hope to do so before next week’s show but I don’t even know if there will be time to talk about it. It is going to be a busy one!

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        1. I’m sure your list was awesome and that’s cool you support Canadians, representing where you came from. Sorry I couldn’t catch it live, but I’ll check it out sometime this weekend!


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