The Very Beast Artwork of Iron Maiden on the LeBrain Train!

Great show tonight with your co-hosts  Harrison the Mad Metal ManAaron from KeepsMeAlive, and Superdekes!  We talked the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten Iron Maiden Covers/Artwork (that’s a mouthful) and it was awesome.  We took a close look at:  albums, singles, T-shirts, Reaction figures, MacFarlane figures, and the Neca Powerslave Eddie.  If you like Iron Maiden, you automatically love their artwork.  Ergo, you need to watch this show!

First we unboxed some brand new Reaction Eddie figures.  Go to 0:16:50 of the stream.

Then we wished Steve Harris a Happy Birthday, and commenced with the lists!  Go to 0:24:00 of the stream.

After the conclusion of the Maiden lists, we had a freeform chat covering Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime, and a newly unearthed Black Sabbath track called “Slapback”.  Go to 2:22:45 of the stream to check that out.

Thanks for watching, and if you just want to know what Maiden art we picked, check out Aaron’s hand-written list below!  See ya next week!



  1. This one is one of the coolest ones for me since I liked all the stuff mentioned/showed cos it’s all Eddie! And u got subtitles!! How cool is that. Thank U!


  2. I’m glad I got to see a little and hate I missed the Queensryche discussion because I love that album and would want to understand why someone doesn’t. I’ll need to go check that part out for sure.


  3. Love the backdrop, Deke – and well edited on the stage jump, Mike!
    And agreed, Aaron & Harrison: no need for ‘change for the sake of change’ and I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the LeBrain Train OST!


  4. Listening to Anthem: Nucleus. Digging this. What do you think of them Mike? Listening to the live cd at the moment. No idea what they are saying.

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    1. Anthem is absolutley kickass. You should try Hunting Time. One of their beat classic albums. There is also the album, Heavy Metal Anthem, with Graham Bonnet as singer.

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      1. Cool, had no idea that Bonnet has done an album with them. I just got Nucleus and the live album that comes with it is kick ass. Kinda cool that all before song talk is in japanese.

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      1. Might as well…

        “Wait watch this!”

        Bunny hops.


        “I’m an experience junkie. Some may say my passion for living… borders on the extreme.”

        What an asshole!

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      1. I haven’t taken in his art kinda music either.

        But that first Sweet Oblivion album is one to check out since it was a project he only mailed his vocals in and the Frontiers side musicians wrote the music and they were huge Queensryche fans. Or so the story was told in interviews. Worth checking out.

        This second one Tate has more input and more people of his choosing taking part and so that’s how the material sounds.


  5. Awesome show Mike! I’ve only seen the artwork on Maiden’s albums and the t-shirts at Hot Topic, but Maiden really outdoes themself on singles, picture discs, and band merchandise. I had no idea they had a Steve Harris version of Eddie and I never noticed Eddie on fire for the Live After Death cover until you showed the cover. Last night’s show proved how much Maiden pays attention to details and they put out the best artwork for people to see (most of the time). You, Aaron, Harrison, and Deke did great! Can’t wait for next week’s show!


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